Meet Ruberina: Teacher and Uber Partner

Ruberina leads a busy life, balancing time with her family and her many other responsibilities. She enjoys teaching 5th and 6th graders at Aldine ISD while being a student herself and earning an Associate of Science degree. Though her spare time is limited, Ruberina makes the most of it by partnering with Uber.

“I love Uber because of the flexibility. I was able to go finish school and supplement my income at the same time. You’ll see me during the daytime at the school and then at nighttime, I drive with Uber.”

Ruberina began partnering with Uber just over a year ago. As one of the first female Uber partners in Houston, she has witnessed Uber’s growth in the city firsthand. As a driver partner who also receives uberESPAÑOL requests, an option for riders to request a Spanish-speaking driver, she is able to help people in ways beyond taking them to their destination. In such cases, Ruberina helps to break down barriers of communication for riders across Houston and offers advice for those new to the area.

Most of all, Ruberina loves being with people. Her work as a teacher and the time she spends partnering with Uber both give her the opportunity to interact with others. She describes driving with Uber as being similar to picking up an old friend and loves the rapport she develops with riders. “You get to not only meet a lot of people, but you learn so much because you’re hearing about different cultures, countries, and types of work. You get a broader perspective on life in general.”

Thanks for all you do, Ruberina, both inside and outside of the classroom. We’re proud to partner with you. Uber on!

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