Houston shows Uber some Love

It’s been a stormy few weeks and we’re not talking about the weather. The future of uberX and UberBLACK has been the topic of heated debate within the City Council and next Wednesday they will vote to decide whether to allow consumer choice on Houston’s streets.

We asked Uber users and driver partners to weigh in and in a few short days, more than 22,000 people have added their name in support of transportation choices and are urging the City Council and Mayor to keep Uber in Houston. See the petition count grow here.

We have been working with city officials for months to craft modern regulations that acknowledge the necessity and accessibility that rides facilitated through the Uber app can provide Houston residents and visitors.

Those conversations have been muddled by a misinformation campaign driven by the taxi industry. But city leaders should listen to the 22,000 people that have said loud and clear that they want to break taxi’s monopoly on our streets and have access to safer, more reliable rides.

Oddly, one of the issues the Council is grappling with is insurance. We know it sounds ridiculous considering the 100s of safe rides that uberX partner drivers are completing every day in Houston and the fact that during trips they carry almost 20X the coverage required of the taxi industry or by taxi regulations, but we guess that’s what happens when you try to bust up one the most entrenched monopolies in the world.

Here are the facts about uberX and insurance: Uber’s insurance program supplements a driver’s personal auto insurance policy, and it offers up to $1 million of liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage from the time a driver accepts a trip through the completion of a trip. You can read more about our ridesharing insurance program here. That’s more coverage than most drivers on Houston’s highways and far more than what Houston taxis are required to carry.

Uber is now operating in nearly 165 cities throughout the globe. And so the next time you roll into Abu Dhabi you can tap the Uber app and get a ride, but in Houston that same right to reliable, safe transportation is being debated.

Show us some Uber love and sign the petition now to tell the Mayor and City Council to protect ridesharing and Uber in Houston.

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