Houston, we have Puppies!

Today, we’re bringing you puppies on demand to raise awareness for shelter animals across Houston. We’ve partnered with BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions to bring you puppy play dates at the tap of a button.



  1. Open your Uber app today between 11am and 2pm.
  2. Request the “PUPPIES” option in your app. Please note: Puppies can only be delivered to offices.
  3. Once the puppies arrive, you and your colleagues will get to enjoy 15 minutes of puppy cuteness! PRO TIP: Make sure to have an enclosed space* ready for puppy playtime.

*If you’re requesting puppies to your office, please make sure your boss or building is pro-puppy and that no one in the area is allergic. Also, having a dedicated room for puppy playtime is preferred.


The Fine Paws:

  • Found your Most Valuable Pup? All puppies are eligible for adoption — just ask the rep assisting with your puppy delivery!
  • It’s just $25 for 15 minutes of puppy playtime, and every dollar from your visit is donated directly to BARC.
  • These cute little canines will be in very high demand and availability will be limited, so please be patient. 
  • If you aren’t able to get a puppy visit today, you can still meet them at the shelter.

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