Local Partners Driving Their Businesses

Many driver-partners around the Metroplex hit the road for different reasons. Whether it’s their full time gig or something they do just for fun, one common theme behind choosing Uber is the flexibility. This week, we’re celebrating Small Business Saturday® by highlighting local driver-partners that are small business owners and entrepreneurs who choose to drive with Uber for some extra fun money on the side.

Meet Tracy

12211159_10154304277953484_2107565398_oOwner of Weddings for You, LLC, Tracy loves everything about weddings. As an ordained minister and wedding planner, Tracy is a one-stop-shop for all things wedding! Starting her business a few years back, Tracy now claims it’s not a business at all, it’s simply an outlet for her passion. Her passion often shines during her trips. In fact, a few weeks ago, Tracy was talking about Weddings for You during a ride and the rider just so happened to soon be getting married and asked Tracy to officiate her wedding. Not long after the ask, Tracy was officiating the wedding of one of her Uber riders for the first time!

Meet David

image1David’s goal and life mission is to help young people in their 20’s understand a vision for their life and find purpose in that vision. David believes that everyone can be a world-changer by understanding the purpose for their life. To help young people find purpose, David started Three to Abandon, a non-profit that focuses on leadership development for young adults.

By starting this non-profit three months ago, David has been able to pursue his dream of investing in the next generation of leaders. He enjoys his time out on the road with passengers because he likes being able to listen to people’s stories and provide guidance to them, which means way more than a paycheck to him.

Meet Hafiez

20151124_184213 (1)To Hafiez, the difference between life and death during any natural disaster can be as simple as education and preparation. Which is why he’s invested in assisting those who are struck by natural disasters, and helping educate those who haven’t yet experienced one. As the owner of SurvivorBucket.com, Hafiez is able to offer survival kits, emergency food supplies, and the gear needed during times of disaster. He started this business about six months ago, and has gotten great marketing and business advice while on different Uber trips. Hafiez has very much enjoys being able to talk with several people about Survivor Bucket while driving, and claims they’ve offered many resourceful ideas.

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