uberFAMILY: For Parents On The Go

We get it — raising kids in the City of Brotherly Love isn’t always easy. Juggling the little ones while trying to navigate Philly’s hectic streets requires skill. Thankfully, we’ve got something to make your travels a little easier. vid

The on-demand car seat option
for parents on the go

VWP_Uber-8973_resizeWith the touch of a button and a $10 surcharge, you can easily request a Black Car or SUV with a car seat and in minutes, one of our highest-rated partner drivers—trained and certified by car seat expert Dr. Alisa Baer—will arrive, ready to take you and your child safely to your destination.

Screenshot App2


  1. OPEN your Uber mobile app
  2. SLIDE the button under BLACK CAR and choose “FAMILY BLACK CAR” to request a vehicle for up to 4 (including the child in the car seat); slide the button under SUV and choose “FAMILY SUV” to request a vehicle for up to 6 (including the child in the car seat)
  3. REQUEST your ride
  4. RIDE with your child safely buckled up in a car seat


VEHICLE OPTIONS: uberFAMILY is available for both Black Car and SUV. The “FAMILY BLACK CAR” option means one child in a car seat + up to 3 others in a sedan. The “FAMILY SUV” option means one child in a car seat + up to 5 others in an SUV;.

CHILD ELIGIBILITY: uberFAMILY provides one forward-facing car seat for a child who is at least (a) 12 months old AND (b) 22 lbs. AND (c) 31 inches. A child is too big at 48 lbs. or 52 inches.

DRIVER CERTIFICATION: For the launch of uberFAMILY, Uber teamed up with The Car Seat Lady’s Dr. Alisa Baer, who trained our highest-rated partner drivers on how to safely secure the IMMI Go car seats. When you request uberFAMILY, expect not only a car seat, but a professional driver who has been certified by The Car Seat Lady.

PRICING: A $10 surcharge will be applied to each uberFAMILY ride, irrespective of vehicle choice.

RELIABILITY: During this launch period we will be working to increase our supply of uberFAMILY partner drivers. Currently, you can find the best reliability in our core service area, which includes Center City and the Main Line.

BEFORE YOU RIDE: You will be responsible for buckling your own child into the IMMI Go car seat. The straps tighten differently on the IMMI Go than any other car seat, so please watch the video below BEFORE you ride. Additionally, please read our uberFAMILY Terms of Service.

Visit our FAQ Page for answers to all of your uberFAMILY questions

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