Take Work on the Go with uberWIFI

Juggling the demands of any job in our 24/7 world can be tough, especially when the summer sunshine is calling. Thankfully, working on the go in Philadelphia just got easier with uberWIFI. Now you can stay connected from home to work to play and then back home again without any interruption.

Wifi is Available & FREE Through Labor Day
Courtesy of Google Apps for Business

WIFI_Screenshot App

1. OPEN your Uber mobile app
2. SLIDE the button to the ‘WIFI’ option at the bottom of the app
3. REQUEST your ride—a Black Car for up to four passengers with FREE Wifi will arrive in minutes
4. CONNECT to the ‘uberWIFI’ network from any internet-compatible device—no password needed—once in the car and start browsing


  • uberWIFI will be available in Philadelphia starting TODAY through Labor Day.
  • When you request uberWIFI, you will get a Black Car that seats up to 4 people—Wifi is not available for SUV requests.
  • uberWIFI rates are the same as Black Car. Visit our website for details on pricing and a fare quote.
  • uberWIFI is new and experimental. Demand will be high and ETAs may be longer than usual so check the app often to get a sense of availability. Additionally, like with any other hotspot, coverage areas and reliability may vary.

Whether you’re finishing work on your way to the airport, en-route to a business meeting, or as you head out for happy hour, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to uberWIFI and online work tools like Google Apps for Business—email, docs, storage, and meetings—you can finish your work anytime, anywhere.

Here’s to enjoying more of your summer, both in the office and out!

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