Uber on the Streets of Philadelphia

It was a series of circumstances that first led me to Philadelphia. I landed here for business school and expected to be out after 2 years of “rigorous studying.” However in those two years, the city won me over with its charm, history and grit. I grew attached to the burgeoning food scene — whether it was scarfing down Chinese food at the affectionately titled ‘H-nasty’, eating ice-cream at Franklin Fountain or classing it up at Parc. It wasn’t uncommon to do all three in the course of an evening. And to top it off, after spending years at schools with, umm, underwhelming sports teams, I immediately caught the sports fever that’s in the blood of all Philadelphians.


The city has given itself a beautiful face-lift. The downtown Philly population has started to grow again after decades of decline. In the 90s, retailers simply rolled down their gates at 6pm and the streets would transform into a ghost town. Now stores and streets jump to life during the warm summer nights as a sense of pride washes over the city. Housing and office developments have multiplied, and projects such as the Beer Garden on Morgan’s Pier have kicked off the waterfront development.

In the summer, Philly erupts with festivals, showcasing everything from food and wine to flowers and art.  It’s hard to find yourself bored in Philly on a summer weekend. I guess it’s true that it is Always Sunny in Philadelphia (see what I did there?). The city also has bragging rights to one of the greatest musical histories anywhere. Chubby Checker taught us how to Twist, while Philly native Patti LaBelle gave us real soul.  Meanwhile, Will Smith ushered in Philly hip-hop and passed the torch to the hardest working band, The Roots.  To honor that tradition, the city packs in outdoor concerts and music festivals. This year, the line-up culminates in Jay-Z’s Made in America festival Labor Day weekend.  Side Note: Jay-z, you need an Uber ride?  Call us, we’ll set you up!



Uber is part of Philly’s urban renewal story.  SEPTA, the public transportation system in Philly, hasn’t expanded since the 70s and the payment system still incorporates tokens long after all of the major cities have abandoned them. The Philadelphia Parking Authority recklessly hands out tickets, and they’ve become so notorious that they’re the subject of the reality TV show Parking Wars. And rarely can you find a taxi these days that doesn’t overpower you with the smell of….well we’re actually not sure what that smell is. Suffice it to say, Uber is here to give Philly an awesome transportation option and change the game for not just tech, but business in general.

Scenario 1: Waiting at Suburban Station to go home

Suddenly the wait time changes from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to 45 minutes…

Scenario 2: Grabbing a drink at Frankford Hall

Trying to get home…


The Summer is only where the Uber Philly lovefest begins ’cause we’re here for all seasons. Rocky fought his way into your heart, and so will Uber.  No more standing in the downpour hailing a cab, or fighting fellow Phinatics to get a ride from the stadium. We are a simple, elegant, and reliable cure for whatever transportation problem ailes you. So come aboard and see what all the fuss is about.

From Philly With Love,

Adria Hou

General Manager, Uber Philadelphia

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