Celebrating 1 Year of uberX

One year ago today, on October 24, 2014, uberX launched in Philadelphia with hundreds of cars and some very enthusiastic driver-partners. Since then, the community has grown to over 12,000 and we owe that to you and your dedication to keeping the city moving. As part of the celebration, we asked some of our veteran driver-partners who have been on the platform since day-one to share their Uber experience and why they still love to drive.

Venkat Prasad | 4.9

Venkat Prasad is an IT professional by trade, but his real passion lies in helping his fellow Philadelphians. This enthusiasm for the community is what led him to start driving with Uber.

“I love to drive because I get to meet so many different people,” says Prasad. “Through Uber, I have been able to make an impact, both big and small, on each one of their lives.”



Adrian Silva | 4.8

Adrian Silva used to work in retail, but the schedule and odd hours never allowed for him to be present during holidays and at family events. Now he’s there for every birthday, gathering, and celebration. “It’s nice to know that I can work my plans and still make money,” he said. “I am always available to do the things I want, when I want to.”

When asked what about Uber inspired Silva to drive, he said, “I love the freedom and flexibility that it provides. I can drive when I want and for as long as I want. All of the responsibility is on me, and that is empowering.”


Martha Voorhees | 4.9

Martha Voorhees jumps out of airplanes. She owns a horse farm and she’s getting her IFR pilot’s license — all in her spare time. If you ask her though, she’ll say it’s what she’s accomplished driving with uberX in Philly over the past year that’s truly amazing.

“I meet people who are down on their luck and I tell them I drive with Uber. It changed everything for me,” says Voorhees. “What we do is not just driving. Whether it’s taking an elderly person to the doctor, delivering groceries, or simply giving a ride to someone without any other option, I know I’m helping people.”

See more partner testimonials on why they love driving with Uber at WhyIDrive.com.

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