#WomenMoveUs in the Pacific Northwest

From downtown Portland to the heart of Boise, driver-partners come from everywhere and their reasons for driving with Uber are just as diverse. Whether they’re making a full-time income or supplementing a crazy business idea (because, why the heck not), driver-partners are driving themselves, their communities, and more importantly their dreams.

This year alone, 400,000 active driver-partners in the United States earned $3.5 billion. And here’s the thing–Fifty % of those driver-partners drove less than 10 hours a week.

We sat down with a few inspiring women who drive with Uber on the side. Amy, a retired teacher and mother, drives to help support her very-own dog grooming business. Janet, an ex-paramedic and self-employed massage therapist, drives to keep her community safe when business is slow.

Beyond their contagious smiles, these women share a passion for pursuing what they love and being their own boss. It’s no wonder why flexibility is the #1 reason these women drive with Uber.

Uber is committed to creating more flexible earning opportunities for drivers like Janet and Amy so we can drive toward a better future and meet our goal of creating 1M jobs for women on the Uber platform by 2020. #WomenMoveUs

Want to see why other people drive? Visit the Uber Newsroom to see other stories from around the globe.

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