Thanks a Million, Portland.

Driver partners in Portland hit an exciting milestone this week. They, and we, couldn’t have done it without you. We are so happy to announce:


To mark the occasion, we’ve partnered up with the @Portland Instagrammer to celebrate the city we call home. So hang on Portland, we’ve got a whole lot of instalove and surprise giveaways heading your way.

We’d be nowhere without the partners who made this possible. To bring in a million, we’ve tracked down two special Uber partners & asked them a couple of questions about their experience. First we talked with Jim, who drove the first ever ride in Portland 6 months ago. Then Christian, a partner since August, who completed our millionth trip in Portland last week!

Meet James

Who: James
What: Honda Pilot
When:  April 24th, 2:30pm
Pick Up: SW Macadam Ave
Drop Off: Beaverton, OR

What Drives You?
Driving with Uber was a bit of a social experiment for me. I wanted to explore Portland and meet people outside of my traditional community circles. I do enjoy the flexibility and extra income  (you can currently find me vacationing in Hawaii).

Most Memorable Uber Moment
I pulled up to my pick-up location one day and I saw these huge Nike shoes on the front porch. I assumed I was picking up some sort of Nike executive. When a 6’11 man stepped out of the house I knew it must be a player for the Portland Trailblazers. I was right! The first thing he asked when he got into the back seat was to please scoot the front seat all the way forward. We chatted the whole time and discovered we both knew a good friend of mine. I was going to drive for their wedding and he was going to be in it! Then we took a selfie together.

Meet Christian

Who: Christian
What: Toyota Corolla
When:  November 4th 12:30pm
Pick Up: MLK Blvd
Drop Off: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Tell us Something About Yourself.
I run my own online consultancy out of my house.

What Drives You?
I began driving with Uber in August so I’m still pretty new. I’m a business owners and I drive to supplement my income. I mostly drive at nights and on weekends — a time I’ve noticed is the most busy. I meet the most interesting people– that’s really why I’m out here.

Most Memorable Uber Moment
I’m not sure if it is one moment, but my favorite trips most always involve out of town guests. The trip I took on November 4th– Portland’s millionth– was downtown to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I always ask about where people are from and learn as much as I can.

Six months and one million trips later, ridesharing is in full swing in the Rose City and we couldn’t be more excited to be here. One city. One million rides. Thanks for having us, Portland.

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