Meet your Portland Drivers

With over 5,000 partners in Portland and counting, it’s nice to take some time and get to know their stories. Through events at our Partner Support Center, volunteer opportunities and partner involvement with UberIMPACT, we’ve learned a bit more about the people who make Uber in Portland possible. Read some of their stories below:

Eric Hansen
Born in: Portland, OR

BehindtheWheel_Eric (1)

Eric Hansen was our very first partner when we launched in Vancouver. To become driver zero, his timing was nothing short of a perfect coincidence. Eric reached out to us on launch morning, the personalities clicked, and we said “let’s do it!”

One of his favorite things about driving with Uber is the people he gets to meet. Eric strongly believes that we can broaden our perspectives from interactions with such a variety of people. Plus, making new friends is certainly less stressful than reffing soccer games, which he does on weekends.

Eric’s positive attitude rubs off on all of his riders. His thinking: “If I can make people smile or laugh, that’s good enough for my day. If I can make things a little easier for someone, make them feel good, that’s a good day.”

Chris Ames
Born in: Los Angeles, CA


Chris Ames is a writer, and partnering with Uber rarely leaves him without inspiration. Chris’s favorite part about writing is the research and meeting people, so he always thought one day he would be in the transportation business, or perhaps a bartender. When Uber came to town, he jumped on the opportunity.

Today, when the ‘beep’ goes off, Chris has no idea where he is going. He doesn’t know who he is going to meet or where he is going to drive, but that’s the cool part. According to Chris, he can write a movie about anyone in his car.

Abdi Muqtar
Born In: Mogadishu, Somalia


Partnering with Uber means freedom for Abdullahi. Freedom to driver whenever he wants, wherever he wants. It represents the flexibility to operate his side businesses — which are his true passion. Abdullahi gets to drive during the early morning hours, late night hours, and during the lull in the middle of the day. That’s because driver-partners get to build Uber around their schedules, not the other way around.

Abdullahi’s attitude is that you get out what you put in. Similar to the way he would build any of his other businesses, he’s building his UberX business in Beaverton. He was one of the first drivers in the suburban community, and takes pride in offering clean, comfortable, and safe rides.   

Mengesha Shiferaw
Born In: Gondar, Ethiopia

BehindtheWheel_Mengesha (1)

Mengesha came to Portland on a business trip in 1997, and that’s all it took. “Portland was so beautiful. When I came for a weekend, I fell in love with it.”

Mengesha lives only a block away from his full-time job, so partnering with Uber allows him to continue to explore different areas of Oregon. He enjoys the extra income and meeting new people every day. It’s a win-win situation.

Mohamed Ali
Born in: Mogadishu, Somalia

BehindtheWheel_Mohamed (1)

Mohamed began driving with Uber in October of last year. He was drawn to it because he loved the concept of being his own boss.

Taking a step back on his first day on the job, he thought about what his schedule and life would be like, and it brought a smile to his face. Driving with Uber meant he would have control over his time, and be free to spend more time with his growing family of eight. Mohamed is grateful to be able to build his schedule around theirs.


Lenjiso Horo
Born In: Negende, Nigeria

BehindtheWheel_Leenjiso (1)

Lenjiso was born in Nigeria, so one thing he loves about Portland is the weather (regular rain for the first time in his life, for example).

Like many of his fellow partners, Lenjiso is a big fan of the flexibility offered by partnering with Uber. He’s an avid reader and writer. He writes about his native country and experiences coming to the states, having lived in both Negende and Portland.

When Lenjiso is off the road, you’ll find him at a coffee shop or at a bookstore. Or, he might be on vacation, because, of course, he can take one whenever he wants.

Lives In: Portland, OR


Todd’s most talked about subject are his grandkids. His favorite Uber story since starting to drive in Portland involves music, a band, and their roadies. “I picked up 3 people that were on a 3-month trip with their band from Phoenix all the way from Colorado and Utah. It was fun talking music and hearing about what they’re doing.”

Born In: Tigard, Bulgaria


Georgi has most recently found a new found passion for skiing since being in Portland. Before, he had a rather hard time adjusting to the Pacific Northwest weather. He drives his Uber to avoid the rain and help other people do the same.


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