“Heeey you guys!” The Goonies turn 30.

When Oregonians think of weekend getaways, there’s nothing like blasting to the past with a two-hour trip out to Astoria and Cannon Beach, the home of the Goonies.

You won’t find a pirate ship here (let us know if you do), but you will find the familiar homes, shops and forested hills from our favorite childhood classic that refuses to “say die”.

To celebrate the Goonies’ 30th anniversary, we’ve rounded up a tour of Goonieville that you won’t want to miss. The best part? It’s available year-round. Check it out below!

We heard that One-Eyed Willy may be taking over the app this Sunday.
Ride to claim a treasure of your own.


Ecola State Park & Haystock Rock
Cannon Beach
It’s not hard to forget this place from the movie. It’s where you’ll find the winding roads the gang explored on bike, along with the lighthouse (where a picnic shelter now currently stands).

Lower Columbia Bowl
826 Marine Drive, Astoria
This is the site where Chunk caught the infamous car chase out of the corner of his eye. Look out for the shrine where Chunk stood and be sure to sign the guest book (along with thousands of other fans from around the world).

Astoria Coffee Co
304 37th St, Astoria
This place is a must-see in Astoria. You may not recognize it from the outside but 30 years ago it was the Stop-n-shop mini-mart in the background of the Goonies bike ride.

Mikey Walsh’s home
268 38th St., Astoria
While there are only tours of the interior house and attic during the Goonies’ Day festival, tourists can still check out the house from the outside where you will be welcomed by a sign that reads “Goonies on foot welcome.”

Data’s Home
344 38th St., Astoria
Not much has changed at Data’s house, other than the missing zip-line between Data and Mikey’s home next door. It’s still worth checking out!

The Oregon Film Museum at the Clatsop County Jail
732 Duane St., Astoria
This was the start of the big car chase. When you visit, you’ll be greeted with nothing but nostalgia and even the ability to recreate scenes from the movie with a hand-held camera.

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