Connecting Communities in Oregon

Uber officially launched three months ago in the Oregon Metro area with the goal of connecting the region with safe, reliable, and affordable rides. In this short time, we are thrilled to have become part of the fabric of these communities.

Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Willey of Hillsboro, Mayor Doyle of Beaverton, Mayor Cook of Tigard, and Mayor Bemis of Gresham, coupled with the great reception we’ve received from residents, Uber is connecting the Oregon Metro area in a meaningful way.

So how are these communities connecting with the growing Uber network in Oregon? To answer that question, we mapped out the trip flows for January 2015:


This map shows that residents in the Oregon Metro area are connecting with their friends and neighbors throughout the region safely, often and without hassle with Uber. In fact, we know that all of these neighboring towns are being serviced by Uber, because 70% of Uber rides begin and end in the Oregon Metro area.

After such a warm welcome, and even after pausing pickups in Portland, we knew a lot of trips would end in the city. Portland is a great cultural and social hub,  and it stands to reason that folks from surrounding areas would want to hang out in the city, even if they could not get picked up in an Uber.

Though roughly 1 in 3 rides still wind up in the Rose City, we also found out that residents in Tigard are far more likely to take Uber to visit a neighbor than to head into the city. We know the bond between these communities is strong, and we’re excited to be here to make it stronger as Uber becomes an everyday option for Oregon Metro residents.

We also looked at the volume of trips. Where are the majority of requests coming from? Below is a map showing that Uber is not only helping connect communities, but it’s also an option thousands of residents have come to rely on.  While big population centers like Beaverton and Hillsboro lead the way in the volume of trips requested, they account for half of the picture. Folks in smaller cities (Lake Oswego, Tigard, Happy Valley, and Wilsonville) make up 50% of all demand in the area, making these smaller population centers just as reliant on Uber to get around.

Whether you live in a small town or major city, Uber is making it convenient for communities of all sizes to explore and connect with their neighbors across the region like never before. With the amount of local business and culture these cities provide, we’re glad to add another reliable way for residents and visitors to experience it all.


Despite voluntarily pausing operations in Portland,  the data is clear: Oregonians continue to choose Uber to connect to the places and people they love in and around the region.

We’re thrilled to call Oregon home, and look forward to launching (permanently!) in Portland this April.

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