Next up on our #WhyIRide series we have Cleveland rider, Kelley, who works at a pharmacy. She uses Uber because she has autism and has not been able to get a driver’s license. It gives her independence to go wherever she wants to go by herself. Kelley took a few moments to share with us why she rides.


When did you start riding with Uber and how did you hear about us?

I first started riding when I moved to Cleveland from Seattle. I was living with a friend of mine who is also autistic and she uses Uber. Before that, her mom took her everywhere and we were also taking the bus when we didn’t have a ride. I thought there had to be a better way and Uber has given me a lot more freedom.

What made you start riding with Uber?

I don’t have a license and didn’t want to keep bumming rides from friends and family.

How often do you ride?

At least once a week. I was riding everyday to go to work but I moved so I can walk to work. I’m actually going to take Uber later today to mail some Christmas presents! I use it to go wherever I want to go now.

Why do you use Uber and how is it helpful to you?

I can make plans to go places by myself without being worried about having someone to take me there. With Uber I just walk out the door and get where I want to be.

What makes you feel safe about riding with Uber?

I like that it tells me where the driver is and how long it will be before they arrive. I know exactly when they’re coming. I also like that you can see the car model and license plate number so I know what to expect.

What occasions do you use Uber?

Work, when I need to go to the store, appointments, or errands. I use Uber for all of those things.

What is your favorite feature in the app?

That it shows you a picture of the driver and their license plate number.

What is your favorite Uber option (product) and why?

uberX because it’s the only one I use.

What is your favorite place to Uber to?

My friend’s house because she has gatherings a lot and I wouldn’t be able to go if I didn’t have Uber. It allows me to see my friends that I really care about.

Anything additional you’d like to share?

Thank you, Uber, for letting me experience life as an independent adult!

Uber’s mission is to help people get rides whenever they need, 24/7. It allows people to have more freedom and get hassle-free rides on demand. Thanks to Kelley for sharing why she rides! If you have an interesting story to share, send it our way and you could be featured next.


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