Tips for Using Uber at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Getting to and from the airport can be problematic for anyone, even when you’re flying out of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). Travelers want to be as well prepared as possible before you make your journey. One way to alleviate the stress of flying is to use Uber when getting to the airport or as soon as you’ve landed. Why trouble yourself with worrying about making it to your flight on time, or having to wait for a rental car shuttle only to have the privilege of standing in another long line waiting for your car?

Here are a few other tips and resources that should help make your next trip from CVG a breeze.

Tips and Resources for the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

  • Uber Airport Page: For all of the information you need on requesting an Uber at CVG, you can go to their official Uber Airport Page. Once you’ve picked up your luggage and requested your vehicle preference, you should call your driver and let them know where you are located at. The driver will meet you curbside at the Rideshare Pickup sign.
  • Traffic Report: You can check the latest in real-time traffic by heading over to the Ohgo website. You can also use Google Maps to find alternate routes should there be congestion around the airport.
  • Terminal Map: While there are only 10 airlines operating out of CVG, flyers should still familiarize themselves with a map of the terminals. Once there, they will also find out what their dining options are.
  • TSA Guidelines: Before packing, you should always check out the latest TSA Guidelinesto see what you should avoid packing. This can save you valuable time when you’re making your way through security.
  • Flight Status: You never know when your flight might be running late, so you might want to monitor the status of your flight before leaving the house.
  • Terminal Wait Times: Getting through a security checkpoint can often take forever. You can see how long the wait time is for each terminal by checking here.

Where to Visit in Cincinnati

Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Cincinnati or completely new to the Queen City, here are a few places to visit in town:

  • Great American Ballpark: Home of the Cincinnati Reds, Great American Ballpark is one the best classically designed stadiums in all of baseball. Skip the hotdogs and peanuts when you get to the game and head straight for the incredible ribs served up by local legends Montgomery Inn.
  • American Sign Museum: The American Sign Museum is a sign lovers smorgasbord, with signs dating back to the 1800s. The museum houses over 200 retro and brightly lit signs in the nearly 20,000-square-foot exhibition hall. You’ll even find a fully functional neon sign company operating out of the museum, where staffers can show you how they make their amazing signage.
  • Skyline Chili: Yes there are now several Skyline Chili locations you can visit , but do yourself a favor and go to the original on 290 Ludlow. While most locals will tell you to order the 3-Way, you can always challenge their bona fides by going with the 5-Way (chili + spaghetti + heaping mound cheese + onions + beans). You can also get Skyline Chili while you’re at a Reds game at the Great American Ballpark.

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