Columbus: Cheers to 2 Years

In December 2013, Uber arrived in Columbus with a two-person team to provide Central Ohio residents access to a safe, reliable, and convenient way to move around their city. Two years later, we have added 10 members to our team, connected more than 200K riders, and coordinated more than 2 million trips – enough to fill Ohio Stadium 19 times!

We’ve partnered with MADD in the fight against drunk driving during home college football games and facilitated on-demand donation drives for both Goodwill and Dress for Success Columbus during these last 2 years. As Columbus continues its journey in being one of the greatest cities in the midwest, we are working to ensure riders can move around the city with ease.

To celebrate, we’ve lined up exclusive deals for Uber riders at several of our favorite places in the Short North, the neighborhood we called home upon our arrival in Ohio. We’re also giving you a chance to win a staycation in the heart of this burgeoning area.

More than 2 Million Trips and Still Growing





Since November 2014, thousands of visitors from near and far used Uber during their trip to Columbus.



Uber Driver-Partners Keep Columbus Moving

In the past two years, thousands of residents across Central Ohio have signed up to start driving with Uber. Driving as an extra way to earn income for themselves and their families has had a great impact on driver-partners’ lives. They are your neighbors and friends that care about the well-being of this city. In fact, they recently came together to donate over 500 meals to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank as a way to give back to Central Ohio in celebration of Uber’s 2 Year Anniversary.

In 2014, Chris was anticipating retiring at the end of the year, but looking for something to keep him busy. He began to research opportunities in Columbus that provided a flexible schedule, high earning potential, and the ability to be his own boss. He took his first trip as an Uber partner during Fourth of July weekend and the rest is history.
A driver-partner since the fall of 2015, Greg joined the platform as a way to meet his personal fundraising goals for a cause: Pelotonia. Greg has found that Uber provides an easy way to raise money on his own schedule while also allowing him to meet interesting people along the way.
Jeffrey was immediately attracted to the Uber platform and the ability to be his own boss, meet new people, and make his own hours. The flexibility of the role allows him to drive when he wants, making sure he has time to work, work out, and spend time with his family.

The driver-partners above are not alone. Everyone drives for their own reasons – saving up money for a vacation, paying off their student loans, making extra money to support their family – but no matter the reason, the men and women driving with Uber are earning meaningful income. In fact, driver-partners have combined to make more than $20 million in earnings. And they live and work all over the greater Columbus area.



After arriving in Columbus 24 months ago, Central Ohioans now have access to a reliable and affordable ride in a matter of minutes.


The average wait time for an Uber in and around Columbus is often less than 5 minutes in many areas.
Convenient transportation makes it even easier for residents to explore their city. People are using Uber all over Columbus to visit their favorite businesses, large and small, and events such as home football games, concerts, and festivals.

columbus_heatmap-01 (1)


Making Columbus’s Roads Safer

Uber’s presence empowers Columbus residents with an easier alternative to getting behind the wheel after a night out with friends. With reliable access to a safe ride home, we see demand for rides spike during the same hours that alcohol-related incidents typically occur with the highest frequency.




Impact in Our Community


We’re proud to support Columbus’s small businesses and vital community organizations by offering a reliable transportation option to the many neighborhoods of our city.


   “We are so grateful for our partnership with Uber and appreciate their passion for cancer research. We are both aiming to serve millions of people through our innovative work.” – Doug Ulman, President and CEO, Pelotonia
Grandview Area Chamber Logo “We have a great, attractive little city on the edge of so much; downtown, Arena District, OSU and more, but our parking is very limited. Having this option is helpful to ensure a better experience for those who want to visit our area.” – Michelle Wilson, Executive Director at Grandview Area Chamber
 goodwill “We are so grateful to Uber for partnering with Goodwill Columbus during #UberSpringCleaning last May. It was a fun, unique and innovative way to raise revenue to support our mission of helping people with disabilities and other barriers find independence through the power of work.” – Margie Pizzuti, President and CEO, Goodwill Columbus
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