Bengals Love from Cincinnati Driver-partners

Hey Bengals fans, ever hop into an Uber and wonder if your driver loves the Bengals as much as you do? Well they’re out there! We want to introduce you to two of our top-rated Cincinnati driver-partners, Mark and Paul. Mark has done over five thousand trips in the past two years, and Paul, who more recently started driving, has already completed 1,500 trips. Both also hold the Bengals near and dear to their hearts. We asked them a bit about their favorite team and what it’s like to drive on hectic game days. Here’s what they had to say:

Who’s your favorite player?

M: Domata Peko—I’ve met him personally; he’s a real genuine guy. He can be irate on the field, but he’s such a gentleman. When I met him at the Ice Bar at the casino, I went over to him and wanted to thank him for playing such great football for our team. He ended up coming over to our table to talk football for awhile. He was so personal.

P: AJ Green—He has such a dedication to detail and performance.

What is your favorite Bengals moment?

M: I picked up four players once. They had a meeting at the stadium. We drove pretty far together and we went through the security gate into the players’ entrance. They were hilarious!

P: Anytime that we beat Pittsburgh is the greatest day ever!

Do you have a favorite Bengals memory?

M: This is a VERY hard question. You could pick any game that we won against Pittsburgh. I’m not kidding, that’s serious.

P: When I was a little kid, watching the game on Sundays with my dad at 1.

As an Uber driver-partner, you know how the roads are on game days. Have a game day rider pro tip?

M: Well that’s easy. Position yourself in a spot that a driver can pick you up easily, like a road that’s not closed or not a one-way. Once you request a ride, don’t move from that location—if you’re not where you requested it makes it way harder for a driver to find you!

P: Ohio Scenic River Road is probably the best road to get on and off quickly to get to and from a Bengals game.


M: I started driving two years ago on Thanksgiving Eve. We were traveling to Baton Rouge once and my kids decided to teach me what “Uber” was all about. I used to drive trains for 20+ years but after we used Uber in Baton Rouge, I started the application process and started driving. I told my wife I would try it out. That was at 3pm. I got home hours and hours later and had made a lot of money!

P: I’ve been driving since March. I’m coaching a local junior high track and cross country team. My assistant coach has been driving for a little over two years and he got me into it. It’s nice to have a flexible part-time job!

Thanks to Mark and Paul for helping to move riders in the Queen City and sharing their Bengals fandom. If you catch them out on the road, be sure to say “hi #WHODEY!

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