What Does a Typical New York uberX Partner Earn in a Week?

In our last post, we shared data on what a typical uberX partner earns per hour, highlighting how drivers are using their time more efficiently and earning substantially more per hour than in previous years.

That’s an important part of the story; each hour worked with uberX is more efficient than ever. But the obvious follow up question is: how much does a typical uberX driver earn over the course of a week?

The answer has 2 components—what drivers earn per hour, and how many hours they work with Uber. The chart below shows a randomly selected sample of our driver partners for the week of November 3. The vertical axis shows how much drivers took home (after all deductions)1 per hour, and the horizontal axis shows how many hours they were online with Uber.

The chart above shows something important: the average that partners earn per hour stays relatively constant no matter how many hours they’re online per week. In other words, the average earnings per hour for a driver who’s online for 5 hours is roughly the same as the average for a driver who’s online for 65 hours. In fact, as the trend line indicates, the average a driver earns per hour actually increases slightly the more hours they’re online in a week.

“The average that partners earn per hour stays relatively constant no matter how many hours they’re online per week”

That predictability is a virtue—it allows drivers to work when it’s convenient for them, earning money in between other jobs, work with other companies, or personal time away from work. We’re so confident in the idea that every hour worked with Uber is a good one that we guarantee it—every partner working with Uber in New York is guaranteed $5,000 take home pay for 200 hours of work in a month, regardless of which 200 hours they choose.

Another one of the benefits of working with Uber is that partners can work as many or as few hours in a given week as they like. You can see partners taking advantage of that flexibility in the wide range of hours online—everything from 5 to 65 hours a week. That’s a huge difference from traditional New York City taxi drivers, who buy fixed shifts of 12 hours a day or 84 hours a week.

So what does a typical driver take home in a given year? The chart below shows the same data as above, shaded by the annual amount a driver would take home if they worked the same number of hours for 50 weeks.

The data illustrates that a substantial number of partners are using the Uber platform to power better economic opportunities. This is a significant change from the status quo and the thousands of drivers on the platform are a testament to that opportunity.

1. This is the net payment that partners receive after deductions are made for Uber’s fee, New York State Sales Tax, and the Black Car Fund. These deductions do not cover other expenses such as gas, vehicle insurance, etc.

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