Uber + Goodwill Bring You: #uberspringcleaning

Happy May Day! Now that we are deep into spring, it’s officially that time of year for cleaning out closets and switching out winter clothes for summer-wear. In the spirit of Spring Cleaning season, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Goodwill to help you get rid of your unwanted clothing and donate them to a local Goodwill center. Today and tomorrow, please take some time to clean out your closets of gently-used clothes you no longer need. And then…

On Saturday May 3 open your Uber app and request the ‘SPRING’ option. Within minutes an UberSUV will arrive to haul off your clothes and donate them to Goodwill on your behalf.

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  1. OPEN your Uber app between 10am-4pm on Saturday, May 3
  2. REQUEST the ‘SPRING’ option on the bottom of the screen
  3. An SUV will arrive to pick up your gently used clothing – and will drop off your donation to a local Goodwill


It’s totally FREE!


  • All clothing must be bagged for drivers to accept your donation
  • Drivers will arrive at your requested pick-up location. You are responsible for bringing bags out to the car as drivers cannot leave their vehicles unattended
  • #UberSpringCleaning pick-ups will only be available in Manhattan

#UberSpringCleaning will be in high demand so please be patient!

We are thrilled to be partnering with Goodwill NYNJ for #UberSpringCleaning and proud to help support their efforts to empower people with disabilities and other disadvantages through the power of work. Thank you to those who can donate!

Please note: Because Uber drivers will be driving between pickups and local Goodwill locations all day, they will not be able to provide a tax receipt for donations. Clothing transported to Goodwill by Uber will not become Uber’s own donation.


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