On the road with…Faith Xue, Editor at Byrdie.com

This is a busy time of year for Faith Xue. As Byrdie.com‘s Senior Editor, it’s Faith’s job to know all of the latest trends when it comes to beauty and fashion.

Visiting from LA, Faith is here making the NYFW rounds and is depending on Uber NYC to get her from the shows to the after-parties, and home again. Read on to learn more about Faith’s day-to-day and how she survives the Fashion Week mayhem.

Give us the Reader’s Digest version of what you do: I write about beauty, health, and everything in between for Byrdie.com.

How did you get your career start? Interning at various magazines during college, then getting a full-time position after graduation at a digital media agency that managed a bunch of celebrity websites and their social media accounts. I eventually took on a well-known beauty blogger’s website, which was my first foray into the beauty world (a non-traditional route into editorial—but I’m grateful for it).

What does your typical day look like? Wake up, check emails, grab a coffee across the street, drive to work, write my stories and manage our contributor submissions, test out one (or two, or three…) new lipsticks, go to a beauty event after work, drive home, eat dinner, collapse.

Typically we’d ask for your top 3 NYC go-to spots, but considering you are a West Coast girl—what are your fav spots in LA? Las Perlas (tequila bar in DTLA), any one of the tiny sushi spots in Little Tokyo, and Echo Park Lake.

Where can we typically find you on your day off? Wandering through the Arts District, Stumptown coffee in hand, reading in Echo Park Lake, hiking Wisdom Tree, rooftop pool-ing in DTLA, brunching in Silver Lake, listening to live music (disclaimer: not all during the same day).

How do you plan out your Fashion Week wardrobe? Is it all last minute, or do you prepare days in advance? I definitely feel like I have to plan my outfits in advance, though I do leave some room for spur of the moment inspiration. Before my eighth grade choir tour to Europe, I drew an extremely detailed guide on exactly what outfit I would wear on each day of the seven-day trip, complete with accessories—so that should give you a pretty good idea of what kind of person I am.

What are your 3 essential Fashion Week survival items? An iPhone charger, a perfectly-sized cross-body bag (can’t go wrong with my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC), and a bright lip color (which I always believe can cover all wrongs).

What show are you looking forward to the most? Toss up between Marc by Marc Jacobs and Jason Wu!

What fall beauty trend are you most excited about this season? Soft, slightly feathered-slightly ombré lip color—I’m more than ready for it and have already warned all my friends.

What’s the most common Uber trip you take? Either DTLA to LAX or DTLA to any of the bars in Silver Lake.

What’s the best experience you’ve ever had in an Uber? Every experience I have in Uber is a good one—I seriously don’t use any other car service to get around anymore. Every driver I’ve had has been so courteous and can either hold a conversation if I’m in a chatty mood, or can leave me in peace when I’m responding to flurries of emails in the backseat.

What’s next for Byrdie? So many exciting things—the site is growing exponentially and we just relaunched with a brand new look last week, so there are only bigger and better things coming for Byrdie!

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