New York #UberEverywhere

We get a thrill out of requesting an Uber in a new city. It’s the best way to get around a familiar or unfamiliar locale, and doesn’t hurt that you get to see landmarks and iconic sites from the back seat of your Uber. Which led us to think – what if we could request an Uber that took us all around the world. That sounds like a bit of a logistical challenge (all that water!), so we’re bringing you #UberEverywhere, a journey through every city where Uber is present. We kicked it off in San Francisco, and the  journey continues here in New York.


As Sinatra put it, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. With the launch of Uber’s second city, there was no stopping Uber from one day being everywhere.

Uber NYC has been moving people with UberBLACK since May of 2011. Soon after, on-demand events began popping up. NYC has seen everything from vintage rides with HBO to the popular UberCHOPPER, powered by Liberty Helicopter. Although we can’t take choppers at our leisure, we do enjoy the choice of car types in NYC. We know that everyone Ubers differently: the outer boroughs love uberTAXI, Manhattan still loves the classic UberBLACK , there’s UberSUV for groups, and we all know how much BK LOVES uberX. When it comes down to it, it’s up to you New York, and we’re just happy to be along for the ride.


We pulled out our phone and requested an UberBLACK and an UberCHOPPER to give you an Uber-eye view of our favorite city!


In the city that never sleeps, it’s hard to pick the top 5 best spots. So each member of Uber NYC helped contribute to our ultimate list of favorite bars, restaurants, nightlife, parks… and everything else that makes NYC amazing. We’ve highlighted 5 spots below that encompass the diversity of the city, and you can find our full list here.

An Uber NYC classic dating back to our old office in Greenpoint. Five Leaves is the quintessential Brooklyn brunch spot with great food, drinks, truffle fries that can’t be missed, and plenty of people-watching.

This quaint strip of shops built into the National Biscuit Company complex contains every specialty shop you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for food, gifts, or a new wardrobe, you’ll find it here. If you’re in the city during the holidays, Chelsea Market is a must-see, as it’s always bustling and filled with festive lights and decorations.

It can be a trek getting down to the Financial District, but the Dead Rabbit is well worth it. They serve up historically accurate cocktails and some of the best service in NYC.

Okay so top 6 — but we couldn’t decide between our two favorite Brooklyn wood-fire pizza spots! Paulie Gee’s boasts some killer vegan pizza as well as all the classics, and Roberta’s brings the celebs (including this former POTUS) and the party. Both use beautiful, fresh ingredients, to create the most delicious pizzas that have ever touched our lips.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Central Park. With an abundance of landmarks and activities to fill your day, no trip to NYC is complete without visiting Frederick Law Olmsted’s architectural masterpiece.

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Uber on,

-Team Uber NYC

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