Meet Your Messenger: Carl

Last week, we launched UberRUSH — a reliable ride for your deliveries. We want to introduce you to the men and women who will be coming into your homes and offices to transport your precious cargo.
We first met Carl — how else — on his bike. He delivered keys to one of our locked-out coworkers (at 9:30pm… in under 20 minutes). Since then, he’s been instrumental in taking UberRUSH from idea to inception, acting as our resident messenger consultant. Did we mention he’s also an accomplished theatre actor? New York City, meet Carl:
Where are you from originally? I grew up in the woods in Maine. But I was born near Kennebunk.

How did you end up in New York? I went to school for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at George Washington University (GWU), and then decided to switch things up when I booked a national tour of the show ‘Damn Yankees’ on a dare. After that 26,000-mile road trip, the bus dropped me off at 44th and 10th, and I’ve been in the city ever since.

How’d you get into bike messengering? I got tired of bar-tending, waiting tables, and working retail in order to pay for school and rent. I competed in skiing and mountain biking while in Maine, and at GWU I was on the rowing and cheer team. So I decided I’d prefer to get paid to work out and explore. I worked with a few messenger services before starting my own bike messenger squad, securing my own clients. My sports background helps with endurance and agility, dance with balance and being nimble, and my time in hospitality and retail helped with service. To me, being a bike messenger is like taking part in the coolest scavenger hunt in the world. I mean, how cool is it to get paid to go on adventures, race, and bike? Exactly.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever delivered? There are some close ties: a confidential Micro SD card to a governmental office, some diamonds, a keyboard at 10pm for some rap guy that rhymed with “Conway Rest” to some place that rhymed with the “Maldorf Blastoria”, ashes, a glass dress, a care package on Thanksgiving to a pilot at La Guardia, and a couch over the Brooklyn Bridge (by bike). And that’s just in the past 6 months.

Where are we most likely find you on your down time? What down time? On weekends I sing with the Papermill Playhouse Broadway Show Choir. Recently I’ve been rehearsing for a potentially-Broadway workshop — ‘Panic! The Musical’ — based off the music of Panic! at the Disco (shameless plug; come see us perform at Joe’s Pub). I also go to school. I love attending concerts, exploring, and on some evenings you might run into me at a speakeasy. I love going to Chelsea Piers to brush up on acrobatics. Side note: Everyone should take advantage of free kayaking on the Hudson this summer.

What’s your favorite area of the city? Oh, wow… It’s always changing. I’ve come to love the West Village. But I’m a musical theatre person at heart, so I love the Theatre District. I can’t wait to perform on Broadway someday.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever delivered to? I feel privileged to have visited so many cool places that very few people ever get to see. There are tons of buildings in NYC that look vacant on the outside, but house absolute treasures within. There’s an entirely different New York hidden within itself. The most interesting place I’ve delivered to as of late is a contemporary art production company called MrKeet in Red Hook. They create and build large art installations that you’d expect to see in the MoMA.

Does your bike have a name? Not yet. But I refer to my bike as “she” (with the utmost love and respect).


Want to join Carl on the road? We’re looking to partner with the best messengers in NYC. If that’s you, reach out to us at

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