Life in the Fast Lane: by CHLOE.’s Chef Chloe Coscarelli

Photo courtesy of by CHLOE.

Ever since opening her namesake vegan restaurant, by CHLOE., in July, this LA-native has introduced a whole new audience to the delights of vegan fare. With 3 best-selling cookbooks under her belt, Chef Chloe Coscarelli has charmed New Yorkers with both her recipes and in-store treats. (Do yourself a favor and grab a Classic Burger and a matcha blueberry muffin for dessert.)

We caught up with Chloe one morning to learn more about this dynamo.

On her average day…

I usually wake up around 6am—often without an alarm—and try to start my day with a yoga class at Exhale up by Central Park South. If not, I usually head to by CHLOE. first thing to check on the pastries, which are baked through the night. I start my breakfast by tasting every single one. I’m really particular about my baked goods because that’s how I got my start. I’ll usually pair my pastry-tasting with an iced Matcha tea—something I started drinking when we opened the restaurant.

We’re a new business, so I like to be around during lunch rush hour to see what’s happening. We’re getting so many more customers than we ever expected, so we’re constantly making improvements. Depending on the day, sometimes I’ll open up my laptop at a table and start hacking away at emails (while also keeping an eye on things!). Other days will be packed with meetings. Then if there’s time I’ll try to get in a second workout class, usually barre or aerial yoga. If I can do a second class, I do it. Have to balance out those cupcakes somehow! In the evenings I’ll usually come back to the restaurant for the dinner rush and then Uber back uptown at the end of my day.

photo provided by by CHLOE. Pictured: Quinoa taco salad (left) and pesto meatballs with air-baked fries

photo courtesy of by CHLOE. Quinoa taco salad (left) and pesto meatballs with air-baked fries.

On sleep…

I actually hate sleeping. It’s kind of like a chore, but I do it. If I can’t sleep, I’m working on new recipes. I have a team of 6 amazing interns from my culinary school, and they help me test specials and come up with new ideas. We can often be found just cooking in my apartment. That’s how I developed the whole menu for by CHLOE.—in my apartment with these 6 girls over 2 years. It’s a great process.

On life outside of work…

I recently started taking guitar classes. It’s hard to find time, but I love it. Playing guitar is like seeing a therapist—you just feel like a new person. I can’t claim to be the best, but it feels great.

When I’m not working I’m trying to match-make people—it’s my favorite thing to do. Right now I have some pretty good matches going. My mom has set up some marriages, so I’m just trying to live up to her. We’ll see what I can do…

On the road ahead…

Overall, my goal is to expand people’s horizons in terms of how they think of vegan food. I love being able to share my food with as many people as possible, which is why it’s been so great to partner with UberEATS. I just want to get it out to people everywhere.

photo provided by by CHLOE. Guac burger with air-baked sweet potato fries and seasonal lemonade

photo courtesy of by CHLOE. Guac burger with air-baked sweet potato fries and seasonal lemonade.

Keep an eye on for more by CHLOE. options.

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