Behind the Wheel with… Ada, NYC uberX partner

Ada and her 2 children immigrated to New York from the Dominican Republic in 1993, joining her father, who was already living and working here as a taxi driver. After working as a diamond cutter for her first several years in the US, Ada went to accounting school and began volunteering at her local church, taking care of the billing and taxes. Once word got out in her community that she was a capable tax accountant, she got more and more business. For years, she continued working as a tax accountant part-time while raising her children.

In 2013, 2 weeks before before her high school graduation date, Ada’s daughter fell ill. After doctors found and removed 2 cancerous polyps in her stomach, she began a 12-cycle, 6-month chemotherapy treatment. At the time, Ada was unemployed, with the exception of part-time work during tax season. With the medical bills piling up, Ada quickly realized she needed to find steady work that would not only cover costs, but would also allow her time to be home and take care of her daughter.

She first heard about Uber from her brother, who was driving on the platform in NYC at the time her daughter got sick. He recommended she look into Uber as an option since he knew it would provide her the flexibility she needed. When she first signed up to be a partner, her car had actually just been stolen. It didn’t take long until the police found the car; however, it needed significant repairs. Despite not having her own working vehicle, Ada took a chance and rented a car so she could start driving on the Uber platform right away. To her great relief, she found that not only was she able to make enough money to cover her daughter’s medical bills, but she was also able to both cover her car rental payments and repair her damaged Honda CRV.

“I came to drive with Uber because I needed it. Now I drive because I enjoy it.”


Today, Ada shares her Honda with her son, Oscar, who became an Uber partner just a few months ago. As a civil engineering student at TCI College, Oscar drives on the platform between classes and on the weekends. “Uber is perfect for his schedule since he needs to spend time studying and going to class,” explains Ada.

Not only has Ada introduced her son to Uber, but she has also encouraged many of her friends to sign up as well. “Before, if you said, ‘I work for NYC taxi,’ it meant nothing. Now, when you say, ‘I drive for Uber,’ it’s something you can be proud of—it’s a career.”

What Ada enjoys and values most about driving is not only the flexibility, but also the opportunity to explore her own city. “Do you know how many places I go everyday?” says Ada. “I love to drive. I’m so excited everyday.”

“I always loved to travel and never thought I’d get to see so many places.”

When she’s not on the road, Ada spends time with her son and daughter who both still live with her in the Bronx. In her free time, she enjoys painting (mostly cityscapes), dancing (especially merengue and salsa), and cooking (her speciality is seafood). Twice a year, the three of them return to the Dominican Republic to visit family. Her daughter is now 8 months cancer-free and is working as a freelance graphic designer.

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