Be Well + Good with UberEATS

Confession: We might’ve had a few too many UberTREATS over the holidays. But, with a new year comes the opportunity to start fresh and finally make those resolutions stick. Committed to noshing on veggies for lunch? Trying to incorporate more superfoods in your life? We’re here to help.

This week, get healthy—and delicious—meals picked by the health and wellness experts at Well + Good. We can’t get enough of their insider information on all things health, fitness, and avocado in New York City, and this week you can get their lunch recommendations in 10 minutes or less.

All it takes is 5 days to a fresh start.


Chicken Grain Bowl | Inday


What’s in it: Quinoa, red lentils, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, chickpeas, marinated kale, and pumpkin seeds, topped with chicken, coconut chutney, and pickled beets. Accompanied with yogurt and green hot sauce.

Why Well + Good loves it: This high protein dish with chicken and chickpeas is perfect after a challenging weight workout.



The Spandex | Eggshop


What’s in it: Miso quinoa, hardboiled egg, sliced avocado, pickled carrot, and farm greens with a side of tamari | gluten free

Why Well + Good loves it: This dish has three of our favorite foods—quinoa, eggs, and avocado—and a hilarious name, so what’s not to love?



Verde Salad | Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi_700x600

What’s in it: Romaine lettuce, carrots, cashew, asparagus, seaweed salad, sliced nori, and avocado. Along with side sauces: chili mango, carrot ginger, and sweet soy mirin. | vegan

Why Well + Good loves it: If you read our Wellness Trends, you know 2016 is all about eating every conceivable meal out of a bowl—and this particular bowl has it all: seaweed (another Wellness Trend!), avocado, black rice, and asparagus.



Quinoa Bowl | Blossom

What’s in it: Quinoa tossed with black beans, roasted sweet corn, diced bell peppers, watercress, and tahini dressing. Served with pumpkin seeds, and guacamole on the side | gluten free, soy free

Why Well + Good loves it: We love the way the creamy guacamole (we’ll pay for extra!) mixes in with the quinoa on this grain-heavy dish.



Chicken Soba Noodle Bowl | Dimes


What’s in it: Chilled Buckwheat Soba Noodles, cucumber, red cabbage, carrot, sesame, scallion, and spicy tsuyu (a delicious sauce made from tamari, mirin, and red chili) topped with roasted shredded chicken

Why Well + Good loves it: We love this hearty, soothing dish on a cold day (not that we’ve had many of those).

Go ahead, open the app, order, and be well with UberEATS.

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