Jersey Shore: Your Safe Ride Is Arriving Now


Uber Shore will continue to serve areas throughout the shore points but will be most reliable during the summer season. Check the app to see if cars are available throughout the off-season.


For up to four passengers, choose low-cost uberX or ride in luxury with UberBLACK. If you’re rolling five or six deep, select SUV for the best value as these hold up to six passengers and are only 25-35% more than UberBLACK. 

Use Fare Estimator in the app or on our website to estimate the fare for your specific trip.


    • Fare Split. Traveling with friends? Don’t forget to use fare split to help keep cost down. Go here to learn more about how fare splitting works.
    • Tolls. You will be automatically charged for tolls. There is no need to pay the driver cash to cover these costs.
    • Pricing. It’s no surprise that heavy ridership coincides with trips to/from the bar. Schedule your trip out before/after 9 pm and grab a slice of pizza to avoid the 2 am rush home.Demand will be high. We suggest you read up on how surge pricing works to familiarize yourself with the process. Surge pricing does drop, so stay put and turn up the beats while you wait for demand to reduce.

Before the fall chill sets in, enjoy the final weekend of summer down the shore! If all that stands between you and your long weekend of fun is a safe ride to your favorite shore spot, we’ve got you covered!Click me



Sign up here and download the FREE Uber app! Enter the code UBERSHORE for $20 off your first ride.

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