Behind the Wheel with Sam, uberX driver-partner

Sam grew up in a beach town outside of Atlantic City in New Jersey. Every summer he’d spend his days at the beach, becoming quite the entrepreneur renting out beach chairs to tourists. Water had always been important to Sam—but it wasn’t until high school when he joined his high school crew team that it […]

Celebrating Our Women Driver-Partners

Last week we hosted an event to celebrate the growing number of women driver-partners in New Jersey. Read more about these women and why they are among our top-rated driver-partners.

Moving Gloucester

This week, we celebrated our commitment to the community of Gloucester with an event held at Camden County College.

Moving Students at Seton Hall University

We’re excited to announce our Student Ride Program with Seton Hall Univeristy to provide students with safe, reliable, rides, whether they live within or outside the bounds of Seton Hall’s campus. With the Seton Hall Student Ride Program, students who reside in Talbott Hall will get 10 FREE rides between their residence hall and the […]

Destination: Asbury Park

Asbury Park is not only on the rise as a hub for new business—but also as a destination for Uber riders.