Team Uber MSP is Hiring!

The search is on! Uber has been growing fast in the Twin Cities, and it’s about that time we grew the crew.

We’re hiring for multiple positions on the team, looking for Uber-awesome, passionate go-getters, ready to hit the ground running. Think you have what it takes? Are you sureeeee you’re up to the challenge? Well, what are you waiting for…read below, and APPLY NOW!

Open Positions in Minneapolis/St.Paul


  • Fearless and ready to lead. You’ll be commander-in-chief, taking charge to lead the Uber team in the MSP market.
  • Flexible. This role demands for a combination of on-the-ground operational expertise and innovative marketing efforts. You need to be a strong operational thinker, focusing on extending the Uber brand to the masses while simultaneously maintaining “Uber” quality throughout the rider experience.
  • Experienced. We’re looking for 6+ years of marketing or operations management experience. Not quite there? Check out one of the positions below!
  • Ready to kill it. We weren’t joking when we said fearless leader! You’re coming in ready to grow revenues and ridership in one of our fastest growing new markets!



  • Patience is a virtue. You know those awesome people who Uber you from point A to point B? You’ll be in charge of making sure we only have the best of the best.
  • Numbers. Are you the numbers guy (or gal)? Perfect! You’re analytical – and love it! – and you’re ready to make some game-changing decisions based on data analysis.
  • Strategy. Goal = grow the city! Leggo!
  • All hands on deck. You’re ready to hustle and make things happen.


  • Hustle. Work hard. Play hard. You own the room when you walk in – and leave with new friends/acquaintances. You’re flexible, bold, and excited to take Uber to the next level in the Twin Cities.
  • Haters gonna hate. You brush it off! It’s no problem taking a negative and turning it into a positive. You can make anyone your biggest evangelist.
  • You’re super human. Some days you’ll work late and some days you’ll work early…whatever it takes to get s#!+ done. And you’re not easily overwhelmed. Thousands of Uber user emails a month? No prob!
  • Having fun in cool. RosesIce CreamZombie Buses…OH MY! You like to have fun. You’re really freakin’ creative. Your ideas get people pumped!

Have some rockstar friends that would be perfect for Uber, too?

Share the word that Uber MSP is hiring!

Team MSP, out!

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