Minneapolis/St.Paul #UberEverywhere

Our journey with #UberEverywhere has taken us coast to coast + across the seas and back! Time for a much needed stop in the heart of the land…that’s right, the Midwest.

We’re servin’ up double the fun in our next visit – Minneapolis/St.Paul!


Uber kicked off its 16th launch in the Twin Cities in October 2012. With the winter chill sneaking up, we promised to keep Minnesotans cozy all year-long while riding Uber, even through the sub-zero temps — and what a year it’s been! Timberwolves’ star Kevin Love  served as our Rider Zero, using Uber to get around town – and city to city – safe and sound. But there’s no stopping this twosome! Since then, we’ve launched uberX in St. Paul with our friends Harrison Smith and Toby Gerhart of the Vikings, kept the streets safe from Zombies, and delivered some on-demand goodies no one could deny. Yea, I’m lookin’ at you ice cream and roses!


We grabbed our phone and tapped our fav app to request an UberBLACK car to ride around town and share our top hot spots in the Cities!


When gettin’ your Uber on across two cities, there’s no end to the fun (and food!) to be had. This was no easy feat, but here’s our list of the 5 must-hit places.

1. North Loop

Sure…call it a cop out, but we just love the North Loop so much, we couldn’t limit it to just one spot. Anywhere you go in this hood is sure to be a win – especially if you came to eat! Just take your pick: Bar La Grassa, Smack Shack, Borough, Bachelor Farmer, Haute Dish, Black Sheep…I mean, should we even keep going?

2. First Avenue

If you’re a huge music fan, you need to catch a show at First Ave. If you’re not a huge music fan, you still need to catch a show at First Ave. There’s no doubt that this is THE venue for all things music and entertainment in any city! Plus, hundreds of the best names in music have graced the stage, commemorated in over 530 stars on the side of the building, including a relatively well-known Prince 😉

3. Lake Minnetonka

We’re not crazy enough to recommend a trip to the lake with winter on the horizon, but come next summer, there’s no better place to be! Just like how birds fly South from the cold, Minnesotans flock to lakes as soon as that summer heat hits! If you can swing it, grab some buddies and hit the waters in a boat to really soak up those glorious rays.

4. Grand Ave

Take in the most of St. Paul with a casual stroll down Grand Ave! Spanning 30 blocks, this stretch is has everything your heart could desire: quaint cafes, lush boutiques, spas, and some pretty raging bars and restaurants to make you forget that whole ‘sleepy’ title STP has earned.

5. Mall of America

No list would be complete without mention of the Mall of America. Cliche? Of course! But as one of the largest malls in the world, this place is (literally!) a can’t miss. With over 500 stores, monthly events, and it’s own indoor amusement park, the MOA is a one-stop shop of entertainment of all ages. And did we mention no sales tax? DONE.



Keep doing whatcha do, Uber friends!

xo Janel + James – Team MSP

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