Don’t leave it to luck! uberX provides safe rides on St. Patrick’s Day

This year, our low-cost ridesharing option, uberX, helped to safely transport residents across the Cities on St. Patrick’s Day.

The availability of this safe, reliable, and convenient transportation option at times Minnesotans needed them most helped contribute to the fewest DWI arrests in the last six years. DWIs have declined on St. Patrick’s Day every year that Uber has operated in the Twin Cities.

On March 17th, uberX completed more than 5,000 trips in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Since its launch, uberX has provided safe transportation options, helped decrease drunk driving, and created thousands of job opportunities in Minnesota. But today, this service is in jeopardy as state legislators attempt to push regulations that may stifle the growth of uberX, limit choices for riders and prevent drivers from making a living. 

Make your voice heard, and show your support to ensure uberX has a permanent home in Minnesota — sign the petition to #SaveUberMN today!


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