Women Move Massachusetts

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we want to celebrate the thousands of women drivers that are empowered to achieve economic independence by partnering with Uber and that help to keep Boston – and towns across the Commonwealth – moving.

Our women driver-partners are a huge part of the Uber community in Massachusetts – and their numbers are continuing to grow. Since January 2015, the share of female partners activated on the Uber platform in Massachusetts has more than doubled.

July New Women PartnersIn July of this year alone, over one third of new Uber Massachusetts partners were women.

“I am a 60 year old woman with physical challenges that limit my ability to stand or walk far. I had been unemployed for some time when Uber came along. It allows me to meet and help great people and create a work schedule that works for me and my life.” – Renee, Driver-Partner

Women Recommend Uber
Boston’s partners were surveyed, and many told us about their experience and let us know the reasons why they choose to partner with Uber. From the flexibility to creating their own schedule to the ability to be their own boss, women drivers in Massachusetts enjoy partnering with Uber because it enables them to do what they want to do. In fact, over 90% of those surveyed indicated they would refer partnering with Uber to other women.

“I’m a single mother. I have a full time job, but it is not enough money to support my kids and myself. Working with Uber makes a difference in our life…I am independent and can support my family.” – Idalia, Driver-Partner

We look forward to continuing to build partnerships across the Commonwealth, by enabling more women to be empowered to achieve economic independence through the Uber platform.

“The advice I have for women who are thinking about partnering with Uber, is to give me a call!” – Ranalda, Driver-Partner

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