Uber Cities = NFL Playoff Cities!

Playoffs? Playoffs!?

Guess what Uber fans? Out of 7 Uber cities, 3 are represented in this Sundays’ NFL Conference Championship games! Coincidence? We don’t think so. You could even make the argument DC is a playoff city, as there are plenty of Ravens fans in the District (Whatever, lets just agree its cool to have Uber in your city).

So how does Uber come into play? We got some fun for the #winning teams:

  • If your team wins, get $5 off a trip until midnight (NYC – you’ll get $5 off until 4AM the next morning because of the later end time and the fact that the San Francisco office is talking a LOT of trash truth! – @Uber_SF 😉)  Note: Enter the promo code AFCCHAMPS or NFCCHAMPS any time and you’ll receive the discount if your city wins!
  • Take a photo of yourself in your team’s gear for Ubersfromlastnight.com (you can do this only through the app during an Uber ride). If your team wins, get 50% off a ride on Super Bowl Sunday!
  • Tweet this blog post to any @Uber playoff city – @Uber_Bos, @Uber_NYC, or @Uber_SF with hashtag #UberPlayoffs and be entered to win $50 in Uber credit.

If you know nothing about football, know this:

The Pats are playing the Ravens and the Niners are playing the GMen. Or more formally:

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens 3PM EST
San Francisco 49ers vs NY Giants 6:30PM EST

It’s going to be a big Sunday. Good luck to all in the #UberPlayoffs and hope to see two Uber cities facing off in two weeks!

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