Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Thanks Boston Driver-Partners for Transforming the City

Travis Kalanick

On Tuesday evening, we held an appreciation event for the top Uber driver-partners of Boston and their families to celebrate the holiday season and express our gratitude for their partnership. They joined us at the New England Aquarium for an evening of shared community, special recognition, an IMAX film viewing, raffle prizes, and a surprise visit from Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick.

Aquarium Appreciation Event

Advancing Innovation and Moving Riders in Boston

Uber Boston General Manager Cathy Zhou opened the event by recognizing three driver-partners who offer outstanding service: Jack Litwinsky, Jessica Avery, and Kamal Bujeti.

Litwinsky receives glowing feedback from riders about his personable demeanor. A rider commented, “He was kind, knew where he was going, and even offered helpful life advice.” Avery consistently offers safe and comfortable rides. “She’s attentive and very safe, and goes out of her way to make sure her riders have a good experience,” observed one of her riders. Bujeti goes above and beyond in his professionalism. A rider noted, “Drivers like Kamal are what makes me a repeat Uber customer.”

Sharing her appreciation for their impact on how our city moves and the lives of riders, Zhou said,

“You give riders a chance to chat and connect, all while moving them safely and smartly around the city.”

She then welcomed the special guest of the evening Travis Kalanick.

Travis Addressing Crowd

Transforming the Lives of Bostonians and the Environment of the City

Expressing his enthusiasm for visiting Boston and his gratitude for the audience of driver-partners, Kalanick shifted the focus from Uber’s positive impact on their lives to the transformative effect of the driver-partner community on riders’ lives and the city’s environment. 

In the four years of Uber Boston’s existence, what does the impact of driver-partners mean for the city? Kalanick explained,

“What it does mean is that drunk driving is lower today than when we got started.

What it does mean is that a large community of disabled citizens can get around because you serve the city.

What it does mean is that traffic in Boston is less congested than it used to be.

What it does mean is that people don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to park.”

Uber not only provides economic opportunities in Boston, but also helps improve the safety of its citizens through the driver-partners who offer convenient and reliable rides. In his closing remarks, Kalanick reiterated his gratitude for the partnership of Boston driver-partners.

“Thank you for making the city better every day and truly making the lives of riders better every day.”

It was a fantastic evening for the local and global Uber leadership teams to show their gratitude and appreciation for the enormous impact our driver-partners have on their city and communities.

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