The Weekender: Moving Madness

Allston Xmas Header

The weekend of moving madness has finally fallen upon Boston. Apparently 79% of rented units have a lease that starts on September 1st, leading to most of the city scrambling to transfer homes. It’s also known as Allston Christmas, since many residents in the borough leave unwanted “gifts” on the streets. Time to play #AllstonChristmas Bingo!

Can you complete the board this weekend? If you manage to photograph all of these and tag @uber_bos, we’ve got a little something for you 🙂

Stained Couch
Clean couches don’t count. Bonus points if it has a full set of cushions.
Beirut Table
Basically any piece of plywood with a logo painted on it was probably used as a ‘rut surface.
Something Burned
The real question is why they waited until the end of their lease to throw it away.
Someone who figured out those nightmares were probably caused by the animal head on their wall.
It didn’t really bring the room together.
Mixtape Collection
Somebody went digital. Or had a breakup.
Nothing really mattress. Free bedbugs!
Memories of victories past.

Not part of that 79% moving this weekend? There are other happenings!

Inking Feeling | Boston Tattoo Convention

Starting today, this weekend you can attend the Boston Tattoo Convention and see the kings and queens of body mod culture. With seminars for artists and enthusiasts, you can learn techniques and marvel at the incredible talent from all over the nation. Live music, entertainment and contests are bringing together people with a passion for body art.

Local Hops | Mass Brewers Fest

Members of the Massachusetts Brewers Guild (love us some beer nerds) are showcasing local brews tonight! Sample local craft beers, including some brewed exclusively for the event.

Pay Patronage | Saint Anthony’s Feast

Celebrate the patron Saint Anthony and Saint Lucy in the largest Italian street festival of the year. Parades, delicious Italian food, and street vendors crowd the streets of Boston’s North End all weekend. We can see it now: faces stuffed with cannoli as streamers and confetti tumble from the rooftops. Magic.

Uber On!
Team Uber Boston

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