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How to Ride like an Uber TAXI Pro

Sometimes the occasion doesn’t call for an Uber BLACK. We get it – that’s why we launched TAXI in Boston a few weeks ago. Requesting a TAXI is just like any other request… with a few key differences. So if you want to ride Uber TAXI like a pro, we ask you to follow these simple steps.

How to get an Uber TAXI: No flagging or yelling required! Use Uber to request and pay for a ride at the metered rate plus a $1 booking fee. A 20% gratuity is automatically added for the driver. Your fare will automatically deducted (tip included) from your Uber account! We don’t want you to pay for your ride twice, so please make sure that you do not pay your driver directly. We’ll take care of that for you.

Where can I get an Uber TAXI: All TAXI on the Uber system are licensed Boston taxis. That means we don’t always have availability in Allston/Brighton, Cambridge, Somerville, or down towards Quincy. If you’re looking to get an Uber TAXI ride to the airport, simply request in the app and the driver will be happy to take you where you want to go. If you want an Uber ride from the airport, please request BLACK or SUV as Uber TAXIs cannot pick up directly from the terminals.

How to handle cancellations with Uber TAXI: We know plans can change, so if you need to cancel a ride please try to do so ASAP! We charge a $5 cancellation fee if you cancel after 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the cab that pulled up is Uber. Don’t get into the wrong cab or a cancellation fee may apply.

How to tell you’re in an Uber TAXI:

Communication is Key: If you find yourself confused as to which car is yours, call your driver and coordinate!

Check the TAXI Number: The number next to your driver’s name corresponds with the number on the car!

Check for the Uber iPhone: Check to make sure there’s an iPhone displaying the Uber app on the dashboard.

Keep to these simple steps and you’ll be Ubering up TAXI rides in no time 🙂


Nick, Mike, Matt, Jason, Sarah, and Bob.

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