Rolling Back Fares for the Fenway Centennial

Salutations Boston!

I hope everyone is planning on having a tip-top day for the Centennial celebration of Fenway’s creation. In case you haven’t heard, Fenway has dropped their rates back to Ye Olde prices and Uber is following suit. That’s why this weekend, we’re dropping our fares to horse and buggy prices to get you to the game like Jefferson, Franklin, and those wild and crazy Adam’s brothers.

If you are one of the first 100 riders to take an Uber to Fenway for any of the games this weekend, you’ll be paying mere pence. Pence, I say! According to our diligent Wikipedia research:

“A fare of thirty cents for a single person was designated for distances not exceeding one mile, and forty cents for two people. A fraction of a mile counted as a mile. A rate of seventy-five cents was determined for one or two persons for a length of time not exceeding one hour.”

Uber prides itself on having much simpler rate calculations than that, though (translation: we didn’t understand the above either). Originally, we were going to drop our rates to 5 pence for opening day, but… that’s way too complicated for us, too. So we are going to be offering FREE* rides to the first 100 riders to the ballpark each day (April 20, 21, and 22). We’ll be using our Uber Witchcraft (take that Goody Proctor) to make the promo auto-magically apply 🙂

Didn’t make the cut? Worry not, good sir/madam. We’d love for you to get a black car to the game, so enter promo code ‘fenway100’ for $10 off your first ride. Any questions? Shoot us an email at and we’ll be sure to get back to you (through email, not telegram)!


Fine Print:

  • *Free rides good for up to $50
  • Follow @Uber_BOS for notifications on when the 100 rides have been taken each day
  • Free ride offer begins 2 hours before gametime (1pm on Friday, 2pm on Saturday, and 6pm on Sunday) and expires when the 100th trip has been completed
  • Fenway gets crowded! We suggest you call your driver to coordinate a pickup
  • Drop-off area that qualifies can be seen below: 
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