Remembering 2015: Uber Driving Stories From the Front Seat

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2015 brought many memorable milestones and moments for the Uber Boston community. We celebrated our fourth year in Boston, expanded our coverage to new areas of Massachusetts, and received a special visit from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. While these memories have state-wide impact, the riders and driver-partners of Boston also made countless personal memories on the road this year.

The impact of their interactions goes beyond transportation. Through acts of kindness and generosity, riders and driver-partners create a community of giving. As one Boston driver-partner reflects, “Sometimes the human experience is worth more than making money.” To surface these stories of good will, we asked Boston driver-partners to share their favorite 2015 driving memories.

Enabling Career Growth

“I picked up a young, vibrant lady from the North End going to a job interview. I gave her encouragement, telling her she was going to get the job but she was skeptical. A few weeks later I picked up the same woman on Halloween. At first I didn’t recognize her since she was dressed up, but she recognized me and told me she got the job! Priceless.”

Receiving a Rose

“My favorite memory was on Valentine’s Day this year. I was driving late and my husband and children were at home. A very nice lady came in my car and asked me about my life, if I was married, and if I had children. She then gave me a red rose and thanked me for working so late at night and taking her home safely, and said, “You are very important to us. Thank you!”

Giving Accessible Rides

“I was waiting for a rider and a blind college girl entered my car with a black service dog.  It was the greatest driving experience of my life. I learned so much and at same time was able to help get her back to her dorm. It was truly an eye-opener.”

Weathering the Winter

“Assisting with giving emergency room doctors and nurses rides to and from hospitals during the snow emergencies of last winter is my favorite memory.”

Witnessing Marital Vows

“I have often told people that I decided to drive for Uber for the human experience and this was just one of those special days.

A couple entered my car looking anxious and acting giddy. They wanted to go to the Cambridge City Hall since they were getting married! No one was joining them for the ceremony, so I asked if they would like me to be their witness and take photos and shoot a video of the ceremony. They were so happy and accepted my offer.

The ceremony was very sweet and since they did not have rings I suggested that they use the engagement ring to slip on the woman’s finger. As a wedding gift, I gave them a free ride back to their apartment where they planned to change into more relaxing attire and go out for a honeymoon lunch!”

Volunteering Together

“One morning I picked up an Uber employee from the corporate office who was on her way to volunteer at The Greater Boston Food Bank. I decided to join her and volunteer for the day, too. It was a great feeling, being able to just turn off the app, support a great cause, then turn it back on when I was done.”

Splitting Desserts

“I picked up a passenger from Boston’s historic North End. He met me while eating out of a box full of cannoli, he was meeting his future in-laws. He gave me his leftover cannoli and I handed them out to my passengers for the rest of the night.”

Encountering the Famous

Picking up professional athletes and finding out they are just like the rest of us. All of them were curious and most even asked about driving with Uber.

Sharing Holiday Treats

“I just love talking with the Boston students I meet every day! As a token of my best wishes for all and for a holiday of peace and happiness, I have been handing out candy canes to my riders.”

Spreading Glee

“My favorite Uber memory so far had to be when a guest laughed so hard at a joke I said, they were crying. It just felt good to make someone laugh.”

As 2015 comes to a close, we remember all the moments that make the Uber Boston community feel like family. From driving Bostonians to their next career opportunity or witnessing their marriage, driver-partners make a difference from the front seat. Likewise, riders brighten the lives of driver-partners by sharing sweets and genuine sentiments. We look forward to making more memories together in the year to come!

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