Red Line Fail? Ride for Free on Boston’s Uber Line.

Red Line Woes

Not sure if you’ve heard, but the Boston Red Line is going… off-line. Porter, Davis and Alewife are going to be down every weekend until March 4th, 2012. That is whack… and I don’t throw around whack lightly. For the five frostiest months of the year the T is switching to slow, inefficient buses on the weekends. On an average weekend, that’s 35,000 people left out in the cold waiting for shuttle service. Uber doesn’t want y’all to be out on the streets for even one minute longer than you want to be, so here’s the deal…

To make sure you get to or from your Red-Line area destinations when you need it most, the first time you take a trip to or from the affected area, your Uber is on us!

That’s right, if you take an Uber to or from areas normally served by the T north of Harvard, it will be free the first time. We’re making it free to try Uber… not to mention you can call a driver from inside, watch your car arrive in 5-10 minutes, and then just hop in and hop out of your dope ride. This offer stands this weekend (11/12-13) and next (11/19-20).

How does it work? Simply get picked up or dropped off anywhere within the grid. “What grid?”, you say? Good question!


That grid! I know, right. That’s a lot of space to roam. Now it’s time for the proverbial fine print:

  • Promo valid Saturday 7 am to Sunday at midnight on weekends of 11/12-13 and 11/19-20.
  • Valid up to $30 in credit.
  • Not valid with any other offer.
  • Not valid for Airport Trips.
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