Winter Storm Nemo Pricing Update *updated*

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UPDATE: Due to continued heavy demand and decreased availability of Ubers, we will be implementing surge pricing from 3:30pm-10pm today. During this time, Uber will be donating all Uber fees to the American Red Cross and Nemo relief efforts. (Uber will not be making any additional money as a result of surge pricing.)


Fellow Bostonians, we hope all your friends and family are warm and safe.

While the Governor’s travel ban has come and past, Nemo has left us with a ton of snow and not a lot of transportation options. With the MBTA still out of commission and many city cabs under two feet of snow, the demand for Uber is extraordinarily high, as many Bostonians need to get to work, check-in on their families, and help get the city back on its feet.

At the same time, many driver-partners who work with Uber are deciding to stay home. They’re Bostonians just like you or I – with their cars buried under drifts and anticipating poor road conditions, many are making the choice to stay home. As riders are noticing, that means that less trips, low availability, and long ETAs.

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At Uber, our goal is to always provide a reliable ride, to do that, we need to convince more driver-partners to dig out their cars and hit the road.  That is why, until 3am tonight, we’re implementing 2x surge pricing for Uber Black and SUV.

Surge pricing will motivate more drivers to dig out, maximize the number of rides, and minimize the number of people stranded tonight.

During this time, Uber will be donating all Uber fees to the American Red Cross and Nemo relief efforts. (Uber will not be making any additional money tonight as a result of surge pricing.)

If you want more information on surge pricing, please visit our blog post:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Commonwealth in this time of crisis. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we do everything we can to provide reliable, safe transportation for the Hub. Stay warm and safe.


The Uber Boston Team

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