Help Your Campus Unlock a Free Week of uberX

In elementary school, extra credit meant participating in show and tell. In high school, it meant a bonus question at the end of the pop quiz. In our opinion, college doesn’t have enough opportunities for bonus points.

This week, get ready to put that spirit to good use because we’ve got an #uberXtraCredit assignment you won’t want to skip! 

Uber wants to hook your campus up with a week of FREE uberX!

How to score FREE uberX on your campus

Starting February 4, your school has one week to get 1500 people signed up for Uber using your campus’ unique code. If your school rallies to reach the #uberXtraCredit goal of 1500 signups before February 18th at 11:59pm EST, your entire campus wins a week of FREE uberX!

Check out your progress! Promo codes for participating schools:

Your school’s promo code is valid for a free ride up to $20, new-users only, and not valid on uberTAXI.

New to Uber?

Sign up with your school’s new-user promo code. You will get $20 off your first ride (not valid on uberTAXI) all while bringing your campus one step closer to a free week of uberX!

Already have Uber?

Get your share on! The more people you get to sign up for Uber with your school’s promo code, the closer you are to a week of free rides! Here are some ideas to make things easy:

  • Share the signup code with your dance squad, newspaper staff, lacrosse bros, or Quidditch crew.
  • Tell your RA and your TA. Tell your librarian. Get your favorite dining hall lady to get on board.
  • Pitch yourself a tent in the quad and recruit random passersby. Bonus points for tourists sporting your school’s sweatshirts.
  • You can share the code with anybody you’d like; as long as they are new to Uber, it will count towards your goal!


This may be the easiest XtraCredit you’ve ever earned, so start sharing and do your part to bring free Uber to your campus!

Questions? Let us know at

Ride on,
Team Uber Boston

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