Driving With Uber: 8 Tips From uberPOOL Experts

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uberPOOL is changing the way the world gives and gets rides. Riders pay less to share a ride with someone headed in the same direction. The continuous pickups let driver-partners spend less time waiting between trips to keep on earning. uberPOOL is not only an efficient way to get around, but it can also create new connections and friendships on the road.

To help Uber driver-partners make the most of their uberPOOL trips, we asked three experts to offer their tips and tricks for getting started, interacting with riders, and navigating the routes.

Meet the Experts

Mike Barth, a Boston driver-partner and school administrator, likes to drive with uberPOOL since it “lets you leapfrog from passenger to passenger and your car isn’t empty.” He advises, “Just roll with it. You could meet someone you never might have met, so trust the system and accept every request.”

Paul Nettey is a full-time graduate student in Boston studying radiation oncology and drives with Uber to support his education. To maximize your time driving, Paul suggests, “Don’t pick and choose your requests. Everyone needs a ride. You never know where your next trip will take you!”

Tom Carromero likes driving with uberPOOL since with “chained trips the rides come back-to-back in the same direction which makes it more profitable as you stay busier.” A former marketer, he thrives on the social aspect of uberPOOL. “You get different people from different walks of life that are coming together.”  

Check out their top uberPOOL tips:

1. Take the Trainings Before You Start

Review the available uberPOOL resources—emails, videos, tests, and tutorials—to set you up for success when accepting uberPOOL trip requests. Tom completed all the online trainings before getting started and Paul found the educational videos particularly useful. After the trainings, they felt prepared to drive confidently with uberPOOL.

2. Explain the Process to Your Riders

Since uberPOOL can be confusing for new riders, explaining how pickups and drop-offs work familiarizes them with the process. As Tom says, “It’s up to us as driver-partners to educate riders and let them know how it works and what the benefits are.”

Tom also recommends confirming the request with riders before starting the trip. He asks, “Do you know that you’re on an uberPOOL trip?” This avoids any confusion over accidental uberPOOL requests and guides him into an explanation.

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3. Introduce Your Riders to Each Other

Mike, Paul, and Tom all introduce their riders at each pickup to make the trip fun and personable. This breaks the ice and sets riders at ease as they share a ride. Tom simply tells his riders, “Today you’re riding with so-and-so,” to kick off the conversation.

4. Notify Your Riders About Every Stop

It helps to let your riders know about upcoming pickups and drop-offs. Mike prefaces each pickup with a casual comment such as, “It looks like we’re going to be picking up Jennifer.” If the drop-off order changes, give your riders a heads-up.


5. Call Your Riders When You Arrive

To keep the trip on time, Paul always calls his riders at each pickup location. Some riders may look away from their phones after requesting a ride, so a call alerts them that you’ve arrived. After waiting for two minutes, you can cancel the trip and will receive the cancellation fee.

6. Keep the Conversation Casual

The backseat dynamic changes with more than one rider or group of riders, so it helps to have casual conversations. Mike usually lets his riders initiate dialogue after introducing them since some riders like to chat while others prefer silence. “You’ll know in the first five seconds if a rider wants to talk to you or not,” shares Tom.


7. Navigate Within the Uber App

While the Uber app is integrated with Google Maps and Waze, Mike recommends navigating within the Uber app for uberPOOL trips. Any of the mapping systems work well with uberPOOL, but he prefers the Uber app since he doesn’t need to switch in and out of the app when the drop-off order changes.

8. Enjoy the Experience

Mike, Paul, and Tom each have fun stories about riders (and themselves!) making professional or personal connections on uberPOOL trips. “uberPOOL brings a lot of possibilities. It’s great for socializing and networking,” explains Tom. Have fun as you drive and be open to meeting people.

uberPOOL keeps driver-partners busy with trip after trip and helps riders get where they need to go for less. Paul suggests that you stay patient while you and your riders learn how it works. As the requests roll in, you’ll find that “time isn’t a factor because someone is always in your car.” And according to Tom, “The earnings are a just a plus to what you can experience.”

Interested in sharing your uberPOOL driving experiences? Let us know.

Learn more about uberPOOL in Boston or get tips for Boston driver-partners.

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