Blustery In Boston


At Uber Boston, our priority is to make sure that your experience is as reliable and comfortable as possible. We want to ensure the service is there when you need it. The first real snow of this Boston winter fell last night, and it was a big one. Demand for a ride was extremely high, and surge pricing was in effect to maximize the number of cars on the road to get the city home safely.

The purpose of increased fares during periods of high demand is to increase reliability during the hardest times to get a ride. Increased fares encourage our partners to put more cars on the road and to stay out later during periods of high demand, like the cold, snowy night we had last evening. This means that more people are able to get rides, and fewer people get stranded.

Prices are always displayed in the app, and at times of increased fares, riders are notified and given the opportunity to accept or decline a ride at the higher rate. Here’s what you’ll see when higher fares are in effect:
  1. Fare estimator: Before requesting a ride, you can estimate the price of your trip. The estimate will reflect the appropriate rates, including any increased prices.
  2. Surge Pricing Rate: After you tap “select pickup location,” you will see a notice of the increased price and be asked to tap “I accept higher fare” before requesting a ride.
  3. Expiration: The app tells you how long you have before the current rate expires. When your rate has expired, you’ll have the option to request again and get the most updated rate.
  4. Secondary confirmation: When prices reach higher levels, as they did last night, riders are asked to confirm a second time by typing the actual price increase into the app.

We do all of this to ensure that the most people get rides on nights like last night, and that you’re aware of the price increases that make this possible. Ultimately, our goal is provide you with a reliable ride back home at the end of every night, no matter how blustery.

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