Black or White? Introducing Uber TAXI in Boston.

If you’re thinkin’ of being my brother, it don’t matter if you’re black or white
~Michael Jackson

Uber is about quality and choice. Our motto is “Everyone’s Private Driver” and we understand that not every occasion calls for a black car. Starting TODAY, Boston Uber riders will be able to request a TAXI from the Uber app. That’s right, black cars and white taxis side by side. It’s a beautiful balance of two awesome things:

TAXI is the latest experiment from the Uber Garage – our workshop of sorts where we tinker with new ideas for urban transportation. This is for adventurous Uberers only! It may be hard to get a TAXI at launch but you’ll always be able to choose Uber Black. Here’s how TAXI works:


  • Select TAXI in the Uber app and request like normal. If you want a TAXI, make sure to select it as Black remains the default.
  • TAXI drivers will run the taximeter in the cab during a trip. At the end of a trip the driver will input the metered fare into the driver application.
  • A 20% automatic gratuity will be added to the inputted fare as well a $1 TAXI fee.
  • Similar to Uber Black, a cancellation fee may apply if you cancel after five minutes.

We’re psyched to be able to offer Bostonians high quality, reliable transportation alternatives at multiple price points. Do you like Black or White? Tell @Uber_BOS what you think using hashtag #UberBlackorWhite or email us at

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