Behind the Wheel with Jeff: Boston Marathon Edition

Behind the Wheel With Jeff

We’re going Behind the Wheel With Jeff, one of our driver-partners in Boston who came up with a creative way of raising money for a friend running in the annual Boston Marathon.

Every year, thousands of people run in the annual Boston Marathon, raising money for some great charities. It’s a challenging journey of endurance spanning 26.2 miles, starting in Hopkinton and ending in Boston’s Back Bay.

Jeff came up with a unique way raise money for a friend running in this year’s marathon: do an “Uber Marathon” of driving for 26.2 hours and donate his earnings.

An attorney by day, Jeff drives part-time throughout the week and weekends. He jokingly calls them “marathon weekends” when he wants to earn extra money for a particular investment or purchase. He says it all started when he found himself planning his own impromptu wedding with his soon-to-be wife. Because they were getting married in a short amount of time, he needed a quick way to earn money – thus began his Uber marathons.

Jeff put up a sign in the back seat of his car during his Uber Marathon encouraging riders to donate to his friend’s page. He said riders’ reactions were very positive, and it started great conversations. “Don’t worry, I’m not driving all 26.2 hours at once,” he assured his riders with a laugh.

He was able to raise over $630 during his Uber Marathon, and hopes that more people will add to that by donating directly to his friend’s fundraising page. You can do that here:


Jeff loves the flexibility of driving on the Uber platform because he’s able to drive whenever he wants, for as long as he wants. He says it’s “one of the best part-time jobs you can have.”

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