Behind the Wheel With Daniel: Naval Engineer Turned Tech Entrepreneur

Many of Boston’s driver-partners are multifaceted and multi-talented. You know they offer reliable rides around the Boston area, but what do they do when they’re not behind the wheel? Some, like driver-partner Daniel Josecite of Lynn, are pursuing entrepreneurial dreams. We chatted with Daniel to get to know him and learn about his ambitions to develop a mobile app for active service members.

Daniel’s military background inspired the mission of his mobile app venture. He joined the United States Navy after high school for ten years specializing as an engineer and yeoman while stationed in San Diego and Tampa. With aspirations to start his own business, Daniel enrolled in the University of Tampa where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship.

He has since founded his own mobile technology company, Military Web and Mobile Technologies, and is currently working to secure funding for his mobile app Militran. Daniel explained, “Militran will help active service members transition into the civilian world from the military world.” The app’s features will connect these individuals with entrepreneurial, educational, and employment opportunities. Daniel summarizes it as “a search engine for military members.”

“I’m a strong networking guy and driving helps me get in touch with software developers and businessmen. Boston is the perfect place to start your own business.”

Driving with Uber has helped Daniel make networking connections. After Daniel gave his elevator pitch to a rider studying for a doctoral degree at Yale University, the rider gave him his business card and offered to support the development of Militran.

“I drove a couple who got engaged in my car. It was amazing!”

Daniel was even part of a marriage proposal while driving! He picked up a rider who told him, “I’m proposing to my girlfriend and I want you to help me.” The ride had a happy ending (she tearfully said, “Yes!”) as Daniel dropped off the newly engaged couple at a restaurant in Boston where their families were waiting to celebrate.  

Besides these rewarding experiences, Daniel appreciates the flexibility of the Uber platform. “I need to do something on the side while working on my business. I can set my own hours and pace. I’m anticipating Uber’s next big move and can’t wait to be a part of it.”

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