Behind the Wheel with Cheryl

Behind the Wheel with Cheryl

We’re going Behind the Wheel with Cheryl, an uberX driver-partner in Quincy following her passion for music.

Years ago, Cheryl was driving for a limo service, and taught herself to play harmonica while waiting for people in the car. After years of practice, she decided to start singing and playing professionally, as well as giving lessons. As many artists can attest, finding a flexible job that allows them free time to hone their craft, play gigs when they come, and earn steady money can be a nearly impossible feat. Before Uber, Cheryl was worried she would have to abandon her dream.

“I was considering quitting music… Uber has been a godsend for me”

With Uber, Cheryl is able to drive whenever she wants, earn money, and has time to pursue a career in music. Not only has driving with Uber given her the flexibility and financial stability, it combines two things she also loves: driving and meeting new people. Sometimes those new connections can lead to new opportunities. On one trip, Cheryl fortuitously picked up a reporter who, after meeting her, wrote about one of her upcoming shows, ultimately expanding her fanbase.

Cheryl’s music has connected her to so many new people. She once received a message from a fan in Italy – somewhere she’d always wanted to visit. Doing her best to translate the Italian text, she really could only understand that the woman really enjoyed her music. Hoping the woman could find someone to translate her own message, Cheryl wrote back asking if she knew any musicians interested in touring with her in Italy. As luck would have it, the woman’s husband spoke english and was in a band! Next thing she knew, she was on a plane, heading out to perform in her dream destination.

#FunFact: Cheryl’s favorite harmonica player is Little Walter Jacobs

Uber provides a great opportunity for artists to pursue their dream. For Cheryl, it’s come full circle– “Driving helped me learn how to play, and driving has kept me playing!” You find out where to catch her live, and learn more about booking her for performances and lessons on her website.

Check her out this weekend at The Beehive, Sunday 8/23 at 8pm!


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