Become Boston’s Hump Day Hero!


Well, well, well Boston. It looks like Summer is (finally) here. The weekday grind get’s a bit tougher as you look  outside your window and see bright rays and beautiful days. Yay, conciliation prizes, we can all jet off to some awesome summer spots for the weekend.

We want to make the weekdays a little less gloomy with some awesome Uber love. That’s why we’re looking for some caped crusaders to become their office’s HUMP DAY HERO! (rescue me from that song). Now I know how fresh you all look in capes, so let’s get down to business.

Bottom line: Nothing is sweeter than a Uber ride home after a hard day at the office. So Wednesday we are giving you the chance to spread the Uber love with your non-Ubering co-workers by offering them their 1st ride FREE up to $40! And the best part? (OH YES THERE IS MORE.) The office that loves us the most will get the most fun party EVER…an UBER party!


  • Email me (nick at uber dot com) with the subject line “Uber Hump Day” or tweet @uber_bos with the hashtag #UberHumpDay to let me know that you are throwing your hat into the ring! You know you want to…
  • I will create a special promo code for you to share with your soon-to-be Ubering officemates and email it to you between 8am and 9am on Wednesday with super special instructions. Once you have this code, it’s go time…
  • Spread the code around your office like WILDFIRE from 9am – 4pm. Get creative! Get ’em signed up!
  • Come 4pm I’ll round up the numbers and announce the winner on twitter. I’ll give the winner a call to organize the deets for getting his/her office partying in Uber style in no time!


You keep saying party. WHAT KIND OF PARTY? 

This is the ultimate Hump Day party for you (The Hero!) and 10 of your co-workers, and trust me, we’re pretty fun. Think fun like On-Demand Fiesta fun…but you have the power to guarantee this happens to you. We’ll pop by at 5pm with goodies and booze (if your boss is cool with that). Oh, and the Hump Day Hero will get to Uber to and from the office the rest of the week for FREE!



 1.) Spread the word far and wide in your office. Email? Sweet. Twitter? Check. Rock the water cooler and make sure your

              co-workers know that Uber is the only Hump Day solution.

 2.) Have them sign up on their computers at

 3.) Have them download the app to their phone and sign up right then and there!


It only takes a minute and then they will be ready to request at a moment’s notice.

So don your mask and prepare to dish out some black car vigilante justice,

Nick, Mike, and Matt

A.K.A. The three best friends that anyone could have.



  • Like any responsible happy hour go-er, all who imbibe must be of age (21+).
  • The $40 office promo is only for new Uber riders.
  • The winning Hero will get a code for 5 Uber rides good until Friday night and valued up to $200.
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