Are you an UberVangelist?


Are you an UberVangelist?

What’s going on Uberites! Coming up on a year in Boston, we wanted to take some time to reflect on everything that’s happened since our launch. When we started out in the Hub, we had a small group of very excited people ready to try us out. They told their friends… who told their friends… and now we have you to thank for helping us grow Uber (and even get some love from the state in the process). It’s time to reward those of you who have really helped us grow in Boston… those of you who are truly UberVangelists!

What is an UberVangelist?

An UberVangelist is anyone who’s gotten 15 or more people to take their first ride using their personal invite code – thanks to you, there are 15 more Uberettos out in the world. On October 13th (a week before Uber Boston’s one-year birthday), we’ll reach out to every UberVangelist since our Boston Inception (Disclaimer: No Leo Involved) and award them the “UberVangelist Package”. “Hey Nick, Mike and Matt!” you say… “What’s the UberVangelist Package?” Glad you asked 🙂

All UberVangelists will recieve: 


One (1) Neon Uber Tank Top

One (1) Uber Bowtie

One (1) Certificate of Uber Awesomeness

Two (2) tickets to the Uber Boston 1 Year Birthday Blowout!


How Can I Become an UberVangelist?

Easy! Use Uber’s ‘Invite Friends’ feature to get 15 people to sign-up and ride! This is available in-app or in your dashboard online (recommended!). If you login online you’ll be able to create your own PERSONAL invite code, refer directly from Twitter/email/Facebook, and track how many people have used your code. Thanks for all your help spreading the Uber love!

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