A Letter to Boston Taxi Drivers

We saw this Sunday’s Boston Globe Spotlight highlighting how the Boston taxi industry enables a “climate of casual exploitation”. This is an unfortunate example of how the taxi industry continues to run a business that isn’t good for drivers or passengers, but is “almost effortlessly lucrative – for the [taxi company] owners”.

Uber is changing the status quo. We provide a technology platform for users to find a safe, convenient, and reliable ride while providing economic opportunity for drivers.

Boston taxi drivers never know when they will find their next passenger or paycheck, but when a driver partners with Uber he/she has the opportunity to truly own their work and time. By filling their downtime through Uber, a taxi driver can make an average of $150-200 extra per week.

The Boston Globe describes driver treatment under the taxi system akin to a “third world company” and “gambling”. Uber uses technology to change this. We give passengers a more seamless transportation experience and driver-partners a new way to do business and, most importantly, have a chance to live their own American Dream.

We invite Boston’s taxi drivers to partner with us. You can reach us at taxiboston@uber.com or apply online at partners.uber.com.

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