The Cambridge License Commission vs. The People of Cambridge

UPDATE [7.3.14, 10:00am]: We continue to get good news from Cambridge, where public officials are reiterating their commitment to a public dialogue on transportation options in the city:

  • Late last week, the Cambridge License Commission issued a press release, saying “The Cambridge License commission has no intention of stifling innovation or removing transportation options.” In fact, Chairperson Andrea Jackson says, “The public deserves transportation options that provide a safe ride, a clean vehicle, a courteous driver, and the ability to pay by credit card.”
  • On Tuesday night, the Cambridge City Council committed to a roundtable discussion on the use of technology in emerging businesses. It also expressed its desire that the License Commission “not take any action until the City Council has had the opportunity to review and discuss the proposed rideshare regulations.”

Dates and locations of follow-up hearings will be listed on We’ll keep you updated on how to stay involved in these discussions as we continue to work with the city and the License Commission!

UPDATE [6.18.14, 8:00am]: Thanks for all of your continued support, and for those of you who came out to the Cambridge License Commission hearing last night.
The License Commission heard you, and as promised, no vote was taken on the proposed regs. The Commission emphasized that this was the start of the conversation and committed to a transparent process going forward, involving both Uber and the people of Cambridge.

We are pleased that Cambridge leaders acknowledge that their community values both Uber and innovative transportation options in their city. We look forward to finding a solution that supports safe, affordable, and plentiful transportation options in Cambridge.

UPDATE [6.17.14, 4:00pm]: The Cambridge License Commission immediately reached out for a meeting and has said that it will NOT VOTE on the proposed regulations this evening! The Commission has committed to an open dialogue going forward and to Uber being part of the process. The Commission knows that #CambridgeNeedsUber and we look forward to a productive conversation going forward!

[6.16.14Late last week, we learned that the Cambridge License Commission has proposed a series of regulations specifically designed to SHUT DOWN innovative transportation options in the City of Cambridge, including both UberBlack and uberX products. What’s more, these regulations were drafted under the radar, without seeking or considering the input of Cambridge residents.

This is particularly disturbing given the enormous impact these regulations would have on Cambridge residents, visitors, and businesses.  Specifically, these regulations would:

  • Set a $50 minimum price for any non-taxi car ride, regardless of time or distance
  • Prohibit you from requesting a ride on-demand from anyone other than a taxi
  • Forbid any technological device from being part of fare calculation during a ride


Tell Cambridge that you want Uber

For a city known for its innovation and progressiveness, it is shocking that Cambridge would cling so blindly to the past and ban an innovation that thousands of its residents and small businesses value and use on a daily basis. Even more unbelievably, there has been no meaningful effort to seek public input on the proposal, nor publicize the process or timeline for passing it.

Tell the Cambridge License Commission and City Manager Richard Rossi that the people of Cambridge won’t be ignored or denied transportation options! Come and show your support for Uber during Tuesday’s Cambridge License Commission hearing where these regulations will be considered:

Tuesday, June 17, 6:00pm
Michael J. Lombardi Building, 831 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
Basement Conference Room

Cambridge is your city and you deserve a voice. Tell the Cambridge License Commission that you deserve affordable, reliable transportation options, and that #CambridgeNeedsUber!


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